Sunday, October 2, 2011

i'll miss you... lunch date

When Y started med school, we were told we would never see each other.  I planned for my alone time, scheduling TV shows on our DVR that I knew Y would never watch. I was ready to eat frozen tortellini or cereal for dinner every night.

 But. My tortellini is still frozen. Unwatched episodes of The Bachelor clogged our DVR and had to be deleted. In fact, my TV is constantly blaring the sounds of World War II battles and pawn shops and whatever else it is that boys watch. I love that we get to hang out, but judging from the horror stories I heard, I never though I would come to relish the time when I'm home alone and can light a candle and watch The Glee Project without being mocked.

Part of the reason we see each other so often is because I work at his school and we have lunch together almost every day, even when we have nothing to say to each other. Not that I'm complaining.

I'm sure next year when I've gained 10 pounds from frozen tortellini and reality TV marathons and haven't seen my husband in the daylight in a week, I'll be begging for the sounds of Saving Private Ryan. For now I'll meet him for lunch in our spot, an alley that's perfectly shaded and chilly enough to make a Southern October feel truly like fall. 


  1. I can see eye to eye with you on this one! I found myself asking my husband the other night "don't you need to study?" because I wanted to watch my own tv hah. And we used to leave of little guy at day car for an extra hour so we could lunch date a few times a week. I miss that- enjoy it!

  2. i like this a lot. :)

    you know, people (mostly people who didn't know anything about anything) did nothing but say horrible things about how we'd never see each other EVER, and 'what a way to spend the first year of marriage', etc. honestly...year one and two, we see each other a ton. i also was prepared with food and netflix. i have no delusions about clinical years and step studying, but for now, i'm enjoying the time. :)

  3. aww - I think it's great that you've been able to sneak away and have lunch together all this time!
    I think it's great that you soak up your time together now because it's true...we won't know what will happen next year until we're living it!
    EEEK - that just caused me to freak out.

  4. You know, B does work a lot, but I've never felt like we haven't spent enough time together. We make it a point to carve out time to hang out, and honestly, the best hang outs are when we are doing nothing at all but watching our favorite shows on Netflix.

    During med school, he did a good 60% of his rotations at the hospital I worked at, so we got to see each other during the day and sometimes had lunch if it worked out. Now that he's in residency, I still see him every day, even for just a few hours before he's ready to pass out, but I'm happy! I watch my guilty pleasure shows while he's snoring away.


  5. cute pics and cute lunch date spot!

    everyone told me i would never see B either. what did they know!? lol

  6. So sweet :) And I definitely lol'd at the Glee Project + candle combo... I'm guilty of that as well.