about the author

I started out in this world as a freckle-faced jetsetter who had more books than friends.

if you couldn't tell from my baguette, I'm in France.

And slowly morphed into a chubby, pimple-faced teenager who had... more books than friends.

if you couldn't tell from everything about this picture, I'm in my own personal teenage hell.

Today I'm a freckle-faced copywriter at a non-profit who loves peanut butter, college football,  fashion (mainly the kind from Target), road trips, American history, Aziz Ansari, anything Dutch, yoga, ice cream in winter, live-tweeting awards shows, talking to my dog, dancing until 4 am when the time is right and the bars are open that late, and making people laugh. IN THAT ORDER. 

I still have more books than friends. I'm okay with that. 


  1. I love this "about me". So clever. And you are beautiful!

  2. Now that you're in the blogosphere, I am certain that you now have more friends than books. lol :)

    Hi! :3

  3. You are a funny lady, I'm glad I found your blog through Blogtember :)


  4. I love this! Found you through Blogtember. More books than friends? Best truth ever!

  5. Holy crap. This is creepy, but I really want to make myself your best friend.

    No words to explain how much I understand having more books than friends.

  6. i love this! glad i found your blog! as far as life stories go, we could've been twins ;)