Wednesday, October 19, 2011

flowers in her hair

This week's writing prompt from Mama's Losing It: tell the story of your current Facebook profile picture.

The girl in this picture has flowers in her hair, and she's happy - no, delighted. What else could she want in life?

{Plus, she doesn't know it yet, but she's about to watch her former camp counselor/role model dance on a pool table to Empire State of Mind. I repeat, what else could she want in life?}

I keep this picture up because even though I'm tempted - like every member  of the story of our lives that is Facebook - to display that picture of me in oh-so-perfect lighting or that outfit that photographed one hundred times better than I thought it would, this one not only tells my story best, but reminds me who I am when I'm at my best: delighted with flowers in my hair.

Mama’s Losin’ It


  1. How fun that you have chosen to share who you are with your picture.

  2. It's a wonderful picture. It made me smile b/c it looks like you're having such a good time. Screw perfectly made up, shoot my right side only, is the lighting good photos! A picture with a story is so much better.

  3. The mister and I have a few pictures that we look less than flattering but you can see the all out JOY that we are feeling at that exact moments. Those are the best pictures! I love this one of you :)

  4. Priceless. :) What a great story to go with your picture!

  5. How I'd love to be able to describe myself as "delighted with flowers in my hair"!! Love that you picked this photo for that reason, and I'm gonna remember that description and try and lighten up!!

  6. yep ... pure joy is worth photographing! :)