Wednesday, October 12, 2011

I'll miss you... Humphrey.

The name Humphrey obviously evokes a dashing old-fashioned gentleman. And I suppose you could call the subject of this post, the Humphrey Yogart, the handsome grandfather of plain tart yogurt. 

Or, if you're not like me and don't feel the need to personify everything, you could just call it delicious, delicious yogurt. Your call.

The next time you go out for yogurt - and if your town is anything like mine, you've got at least six trendy self-serve shops to choose from -- and you order "original tart" or whatever they're calling it these days, I want you to remember something. 

Before Pinkberry, before Red Mango, before Orange Leaf, we were enjoying plain, tart yogurt here in Louisiana courtesy of Counter Culture. And while it may not have fancy toppings (mochi! pop tarts! orange balls that pop in your mouth!), sometimes nothing beats a classic Humphrey Yogart: plain yogurt, bananas, strawberries, red grapes, granola, and honey. 

Fun fact: these pictures were taken during a little blogger get-together. Sarah found my blog and since she passed my "99% sure she's not a serial killer" test, we decided to meet for lunch with two other blogger friends, Lauren and Lindsey. When I first started writing here, I honestly thought I could be the only person in my town to have heard of the blogging phenomenon.

A year and a half later, and I know three other people who blog. We're a fast growing community, guys. But at least we have Humphreys. And we'll always have Counter Culture. 

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  1. there a way to join your blogger super cool girls club without passing the serial killer test? I am a girl, a local blogger, and pretty awesome....but alas, my husband is in PA school and every time I pick him up around the med school I secretly wonder if I will run into you and then have to remind myself not to go up to you because what kind of psycho blog stalker approaches another blogger at her place of work? We go to lunch together almost daily. See....mark me down as a massive fail on your test.

  2. Wait, so the store is not called Humphrey Yogart, that's just what you call your own yogart? Because we have a store here called Humphrey Yogart. It's pretty awesome. You can get graham crackers and pumpkin mixed in or, if you're pregnant, raspberries and m&ms (I can recommend it either way). See, you should come visit.