Tuesday, August 30, 2011

i'll miss you... antique stores

I was never a huge fan of antique stores.

As a shopper-in-training, tagging along with my mom, I was taught to look for deals on new items. My training (aka childhood) consisted of hours and hours in places like Loehmann's, TJ Maxx, and Marshall's. When I graduated to solo shopper status, I took my deal hunting to teenage appropriate stores like The Gap and American Eagle, and eventually H&M, Zara, and all of the stores I love today.

But here, the mall is bordering on post-apocalyptic (Banana Republic employees have practically cried tears of joy to see a real live customer) and online shopping doesn't quite do it for me(it's not the same when you can't touch it!*). What am I, a trained shopper, to do?

The only solution was to start antiquing. And believe me, this city knows its antique stores.

My dabbling in the antiques has mainly been limited to frames like this one, which - while cute around Ike - has finally found a permanent subject. (More on that painting later!)

Other finds: more frames, bright yellow chairs (who doesn't need those?) and tea cups that I like to think could pass for Kate Spade.

But Y and I have two very special favorite finds, both of which are priceless.

Y's favorite, a mystical painting:

And my favorite, the creepiest thing I've ever seen:

I hope these haunt your dreams like they have mine.

I'll miss you... archive:movie moments

*that's what she said.


  1. That mystical painting was $250. Worth every penny.

  2. I was about to tell you I love all your antique finds ... until I got to the doll heads. OMG creepy. They no doubt will haunt my dreams.

  3. AH those doll heads!!!! SO creepy!!!! That painting is really something else...I hope this isn't too disturbing but I wonder what exercises that guy did to get butt/leg muscles like that?

  4. A bin of doll heads. gold mine:-) just kidding! hoping we can all have sweet dreams after that one! xoxo

  5. I love antiquing, you have some really great finds!! That teacup is totally Kate Spade.
    I'm also quite excited about the prospect of a new Dexter-in-training (let's hope!)

  6. Corinne - excellent question. We can all learn from that guy, I think.

    And to clarify - we didn't buy the painting OR the doll heads. As Andi noted, anyone who looks at those day after day is destined to become the next Dexter!

  7. I don't even know what to do with the image of that Cabbage Patch doll head collection.

    I am so disturbed that it exists outside of Babyland General. (and yes. As a child of the great state of Georgia, I know where Cabbage Patch kids are born. And I've been there multiple times. And I saw my Cabbage Patch, Freddy, get "born" from under the cabbage right before he came home with me forever and ever.)

    I now see why therapy has been suggested to me.