Tuesday, May 25, 2010

pretzel wars

Well, it's official. Y and I have run out of things to talk about. Since he's been studying for his boards, we both spend our days locked in closet sized rooms with no windows. He
could tell me about why practice question X was unfair or too hard, but I try to discourage that since I don't speak medicalese. And I could tell him how many times we change one little sentence in something we're editing at work, but well, that's boring.

So when we meet for lunch outside of the med school where I work and he studies, the conversation is pretty much nonexistent. The other day I was checking my Nalgene bottle for leaks while he was reading the back of his bag of pretzels. "Snyders of Hanover," he read, "Not to be confused with Snyders of Berlin. I wonder why they need to put that on the bag." I shrugged. "Probably some tragic, pretzel-based Romeo and Juliet." We spent the next 15 minutes discussing theories of why Snyders of Hanover didn't want to be associated with Snyders of Berlin. And then we went back to our caves.

All in all, a successful lunch break. Join us next time as we debate whether PBJs should be cut into rectangles or triangles (triangles).


  1. Why do you make mundane things so funny? I seriously chuckled multiple times. Snyders of Hanover will never be the same again... I love it.

  2. Triangles? What are you, 7? Clearly rectangles are the superior geometric configuration for a sandwich. It's as if you have TWO sandwiches. The bread is originally a rectangle, so when you cut it into smaller rectangles it's as if your sandwich duplicated its self.

    That's pretty freaking awesome. We could feed the world with that system. Of course you isosleezers (that's my new name for you triangle eaters) wouldn't want to feed people. Typical.

    Secondly, I'm an adult--I pay car insurance, have a wife--the whole bit. I'm not some 5 year old who eats his Pb&J sandwich cut into triangles with a freaking juice box.

    Lastly, with a rectangular sandwich you eliminate the element of danger associated with eating a triangularly cut sandwich--Ocular Trauma.

  3. Excuse me. Triangle sandwiches eliminate the possibility of the PBJ-on-face factor that comes with rectangular cut sandwiches.

    Also, triangle sandwiches make for better presentation on the plate, with one stacked roughly at a 90 degree angle against another. Not the same effect with the rectangles, my friend. If the sandwich was to be, say, a grilled cheese, the corner makes for an excellent place to begin the dipping into the accompanying tomato soup.

    Lastly, the isosceles triangle offers an excellent ratio of crust to crust-less that just pleases the eye and palette.

    I may not be 5 anymore, so I have upgraded my juice box to a bottle of Odwalla to pair with my (preferably toasted) triangular PBJ sandwich.

  4. Did you know that after 9-11 the DHS outlawed triangular sandwiches from all domestic flights? Do you know why?

    Because they are dangerous and irresponsible.

    Kathy, most of us grown-ups don't get stuff all over our faces when we eat, so that obviates the need for some jury-rigged food to prevent that from happening.

    Unappealing? Do you know what happens when you use the "sandwich division theorem" to make you rectangular sandwich into another TWO sandwiches? You get finger sandwiches, the classiest, most upscale sandwiches around.


    Everyone who reads this blog just got classier.

  5. Poor Yoni - he deleted his facebook account and can no longer start political debates...so he takes it out on my blog.

    Yoni, your BFF4LIFE NPR is on our side.

    "If your bread is square, and if each side is 4 inches long, you have 16 inches of crust. Cut that bread down the middle, and you get 8 inches of crust-free surface. Cut that same bread diagonally, Calter calculates, and you end up with almost 11 inches of crustless surface. That's a substantial increase."


  6. PS Kathy, I am totally craving a juice box right now.

  7. Yeah, like I'm going to believe anything the liberal media tells me about sandwiches.

    Daci, your input on the matter of lunch box food is worthless--you posted what is clearly a thinner Rold Gold pretzel when discussing the substantially thicker snyders of Hanover pretzel. We can't trust anything you say.

  8. i know this post is old, but i had to laugh because B and I had a deep conversation about the snyders of hanover pretzel bag too! med school makes everyone such thinkers lol