Thursday, October 13, 2011


Yes, you read that title right. Roleplaying. Complete with costumes.

But before you assume things have taken a turn for the scandalous around here, you should know that I've been dressing up as Paul Stout, a 75 year old man presenting to the clinic with hearing loss.

Y takes the next part of his boards in a few weeks. This part of the exam process tests the student's ability to communicate with patients and ask the right questions. Y has been studying with a big book of fake cases, and when he asked me if I would practice with him, there was only one answer.

Yes, but only if I can use props.

Compromise, people. It makes healthy marriages.

Besides Paul Stout, I've been John Matthews(above), a 25 year old banker who was texting and ran into a tree;  Jack Edwards, a 28 year old male angel dust user who sees writing on walls (probably my finest acting thus far, if I do say so myself); Gwen Potter, a graduate student who can't sleep (and whose famous last name inspired a strong British accent);  and the mother of Adam Davidson, a child suffering from bed-wetting issues. A special guest star took on the role of Adam:

He was brilliant. 


  1. hahaha i LOVE this! You're a good sport!

  2. haha I did the same thing a few months ago when Russ was studying for his exam! It definitely made it more enjoyable. Although for the first couple I had to start over from giggling. After that though, I was in character for the long haul ;)

    Love that you're helping him study and that I'm not the only one who does this! haha

  3. I never got asked to do this... probably just as well as I would never pull it off with such panache! You're funny.

    Good luck to Y on the test - we have step 3 happening here next week. And hallelujah, I am glad we'll be done with all this boards nonsense (though of course I'm sure this won't be the last really expensive test we pay for... "investing" in our future is awesome).

  4. Whit - I think I would argue that HE'S the good sport! He finally made me stop using accents.

    Corinne - I wonder if we have the same book! Any tips? Did you also encounter Paul Stout?

    Anne - good luck! What are you talking about, paying for tests is awesome!

  5. You are so funny! Love it! I know for a fact I'll be enlisted to help my husband when he starts studying for boards.

    Hopefully I can be as great an actress as you...I have trouble staying in character when my normally goofy husband is in "doctor mode." :) It's just so funny to see him that way.

  6. Haha that is just awesome!!
    And hilarious :)
    Thanks for popping by my blog. I'm loving yours and don't be scared... but I might just stalk it for an hour or two tonight ;) I need some reading material!!