Sunday, April 1, 2012

adventures in hats and homeowner's insurance

Recently an insurance company, who shall remain nameless but may or may not have a reptile as a spokesperson, refused to give us a quote for homeowner's insurance. Why?

We can neither confirm nor deny that our dog has pitbull in him. 

I just want to have an insurance agent spend the day with Ike. Maybe this would help them to understand that Ike doesn't deal in ripping people's faces off, he deals in snuggling their face off. 

This dog is just not agressive. I mean, the poor creature is scared of hats. Literally. When I want Ike to get away from me, I hold my hand over his head and ask him if he wants a hat. He's across the house before I can clarify whether I mean a top hat, sombrero, or just a simple baseball cap. 

The curious thing about this particular fear is that he seems to be more afraid of the word "hat" than he is actual hats. I can place something on Ike's head without issue. But as soon as I inform him that what is on his head is, in fact, a hat - he bolts. 

This amuses Y and me. What could have possibly happened in his three weeks of life before we met him to create such an aversion to the word "hat"? Was he part of some kind of dog fighting ring with the stagename Hat? Does he think I'm saying "cat"? Cats are pretty scary. 

I could ponder this all day. Y would rather make animated gifs on the topic.

There's one thing we can  both agree on: we will certainly not be using the insurance company who may or may not have a reptile for a spokesperson for our homeowner's insurance. Their loss -  I have a feeling Flo, the dad from Juno, or even Mayhem are cool with our snuggly, hat-fearing mutt.  

(PS Ike is also inexplicably scared of Cameron Diaz)


  1. i laughed through the entire thing. i'd go with mayhem/dennis personally. :)

    1. There is no way the Beeper King wouldn't adore Ike!

  2. State Farm does not discriminate against pit bulls. As someone with two of them, I make it my business to know this :) Also, we currently have a regional insurance provider that didn't even ask us about our dogs -- much cheaper than State Farm. It makes me so mad that there are companies out there that do discriminate.

  3. That is absolutely absurd! How terrible! I'm glad you shared this - I would never want to support a company that would do such a thing.
    I hope you are able to find someone who loves including Ike because he's just like a human, but only with 4 legs...right?

  4. That sounds awful that they would do that!!! This dog is so precious!!