Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Fun with packing

I know most people hate packing.

But in our house, saying "can you wrap Abraham Lincoln?" leads to ten minutes of rapping about our 16th president.

So I think the whole process is kind of fun.


  1. Ha! I wish I was so clever with packing. Up until I moved in with Russ my idea of packing was throwing everything into black trash bags and stuffing them into my trunk. My Mom refused to help me move to PA like that and is refusing to help us move back home if I do that again.

    Maybe I'll just stuff things into the black trash bags and then into boxes? She'll never know...

    (I hate packing, if you couldn't tell)

  2. "My name is Ike and I'm here to say
    I love Abe Lincoln every day.

    I love his beard and I love his hat
    I love the fact that he has no cat.

    He freed the slaves, healed a nation,
    he even let me borrow his PlayStation.

    Born in the woods with Fido his dog,
    they lived in a cabin made out of logs."

  3. "Boom boom pshh Boom boom boom boom pshhh"

  4. This made me silently chuckle for like 30 seconds. So hilarious!