Thursday, April 19, 2012

come on down to Minnesota

When I found out that we were moving, I decided to treat this news -- like I do all things in life -- as if it were  part of The Price is Right. 

Which obviously means that I just won the Minnesota Showcase Showdown! And Y has agreed that we can purchase all of these things! That's a lie!

poster:  Minneapolis neighborhood poster by Ork
blanket: Pendleton
shoes: Minnetonka mocassins
lotion: J.R. Watkins apothecary (which I didn't know was a Minnesota company until I came face to face with a wall full of it at the Mall of America)
dvds: don't think I don't have a whole blog post planned entitled "we're going to make it after all", with the main focus being a picture of me throwing my hat in the air. 
earmuffs: I decided I should buy some kind of ear protection, since people seem to think it's cold in Minnesota for some reason.
bike: in case you weren't aware, Minneapolis recently surpassed Portland as the #1 biking city in the United States. 
Twins shirt: Yes, I'm almost 28. Yes, I still sometimes wear Pink clothing. I also like to pretend my life is a cheesy old game show, and I think that's way weirder. 


  1. Also. Watch Drop Dead Gorgeous. The end.

  2. And until you get that bike of your own you'll be happy to know that they just put out the Nice Ride bikes the other day. Have you read about those yet?

  3. Love the bike! Yay for moving to a bike friendly place (I'm jealous!).

  4. I just had a visual of you riding your bike, while wearing the Pink shirt, mocassins (which are super comfy and warm, btw), the blanket as a scarf, the earmuffs and the poster as a cape.
    And strapped on the bike you have the lotion at your disposal with the dvds - because who doesn't want them available at any time?

    Good thing it's Friday, my brain is obviously out of whack.

    But in all seriousness - the bike is so cute!

  5. Minnesota, ay? I like to think of my life in terms of The Price is Right as well! hahaha.. I even had a Price is Right game I made my students play, and I own too. Silly, but true facts.