Tuesday, November 15, 2011

fall decorations for under 5 dollars

I'm not a big seasonal decorator, but this year three unexpected things happened that added up to some easy fall decorating.


You guys. The acorns this year are on steroids. At least, the ones falling off one tree on my street and one tree on my dad's street. I tried to pick some up without looking like a total weirdo -- which is a lot harder than it sounds. I think I managed to grab a few handfuls without being noticed and stuck them into some empty Starbucks Frapuccino bottles. Insta-fall!

2. I followed through with a thought I had last year.

That would be saving all of the thank-you cards I received. Can you think of a more appropriate Thanksgiving decoration that you already have on hand? (Note: cornucopias don't count. Don't lie, you do NOT have a cornucopia on hand.)

I'm proud of this one for two reasons. A) Spending more than five seconds on an idea is not something that comes naturally to me, much less waiting a year to implement it. B) I think I came up with this all by myself - not from a blog, not from Martha, not from Pinterest. My own head. That rarely happens anymore, right?

P.S. Do you love our pomegranate dish as much as I do? It was a wedding gift, and the pomegranates are from our neighbor's tree.

3. Y bought me flowers.

Y is not the type to buy things like flowers. But one day he unexpectedly came home with the perfect fall-hued flowers that promptly replaced my dying basil plant on the windowsill. (The French Lavender, however, is still going strong.)


  1. I'm glad I'm not the only one picking up fallen objects from the neighborhood! I've been picking up pine cones! haha
    I love your decorations - and how sweet that Y surprised you with flowers like that! Russ isn't the guy to bring home flowers, either so I know how exciting it is!

  2. So cute! You're really clever!

  3. I feel like you'd appreciate the simplicity & look of this project. Plus it's relatively inexpensive if you've got a box or two around the house.


  4. i love the way you decorated with the flowers... when I get flowers I always cut them down and put them into small jars all around the house. I especially love putting them in the bathroom... lol...
    Oh and I would love to be decorating for fall but ummmmmmm... I just shoveled a HUGE double driveway - three inches of snow - and I'm feeling more into the whole Christmas sort of mood!!

  5. I have a cornucopia! Cross my heart! I also have a plush turkey who sits on the mantle.