Saturday, November 19, 2011


I took this picture in July. Summer threatened to last forever -- stopping to snap this picture probably left me sweating and exhausted -- and the flash of purple and yellow, our team's colors,  made me long for everything that comes with LSU football: crisp air, dragging our down comforter out from storage, scarves.

I took this picture yesterday. Our football team is 10-0, the regular season is almost over, and Thanksgiving is close enough to touch. That top picture and the longing for the suffocating summer to end feel like yesterday. 

And that's a little scary.

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  1. time flies so fast. i'm happy for fall though

  2. Love your boots!
    I was just thinking this weekend how quickly the summer flew by and now we're almost done with fall! I would be ok if life would slow down just a tad.

  3. I love those boots!
    If it were still light out I would take a picture of the insanity called snow-ma-geddon that's going on outside my house. 2 feet in 20 hours. No thanks!!