Wednesday, June 29, 2011

the truth about ike

When Ike, Y and I are alone, Ike is the sweetest, most well behaved dog you've ever seen.

But introduce another person into the equation, and the dog goes completely insane.

When visitors stick around long enough, they see the obedient snuggly dog we love. That is, if Ike hasn't jumped up and down with excitement so ferociously that he's busted said visitor's lip. (This has happened twice... Cesar Milan, are you out there?)

But this is the real Ike; what I see every morning when I leave the house:


  1. Love it! They make it so hard to leave in the am, don't they?

  2. awww look at him. "pllleeease don't leave me!" my dog is the exact opposite. she's great when people are around, but a terror (sometimes) otherwise.

  3. aww I hate leaving Miley in the morning! She always sits and waits a few minutes...thinking I'll come back through the door.

    BTW - our dog is also a nutso when new people arrive. It's like she's trying to welcome them...all while majorly invading their space.

  4. I've contemplated calling in sick to hang out with the dog. I haven't done it though (yet), so I must still be sane, right?

    Whit - Moka is still a baby- FIX HER CRAZINESS WHILE YOU CAN! We thought we had done enough by taking him to puppy training, but we must have gone wrong somewhere. Haha, you have no idea how embarrassing it is to look someone in the eye after your dog gives them a bloody lip.