Tuesday, June 28, 2011

music & memories vol. 3: the beatles

Today's song: anything by The Beatles.

I'd love to hear your Beatles memories. Write about it in your blog and link up
below, or -- tell me in a comment.

I imagine I'm not unique in that my memories of The Beatles' music span most of my life.

As a 16 year old on a summer camp trip to Israel, "Here Comes the Sun" played on an acoustic guitar as we woke up after a night of camping under millions of stars in the middle of the desert. That song makes me smile about the unexplainable bonds that camp creates, even if you're a weird 16 year old with no friends and a severe fear of being stung by a scorpion.

But the reason I chose The Beatles as today's music is because today is our two year wedding anniversary, and our first dance song was The Beatles' "Something", as performed by The Panorama Jazz Band, a New Orleans jazz band.

So naturally the song "Something" brings back some pretty strong feelings, along the lines of it's so f@$king hot out here and holy crap, we're married and why is the fire alarm going off? (long story).

And the entire remaining Beatles catalog? Well, that's the soundtrack to our first big road trip from Louisiana to California-- a trip we loved, hence, the reason we chose a Beatles song as our first dance.

red rock canyon, december 2007

And the song "When I'm 64" brings back the frustrations of wedding planning:

Me, for approximately 1 year prior to wedding: Y, what do you think of this, this and this? And this? Oh, and this?

Y, for approximately 1 year prior to wedding: I. DON'T. CARE.

Y, the week before the wedding [very seriously]: D, I really think our first dance song shouldn't be "Something". I think it should be "When I'm 64", that one's more sentimental.

{a valid point, and a very sweet thought, but, really? I told the band our song three months ago so they could learn to play it and you have never had any sort of opinion about the wedding and... REALLY?}

{also I cringe to think of myself trying to dance to When I'm 64, but that's another story}

On that note, happy anniversary Y! I hope you let me poke fun at our relationship on my blog forever and ever, or at least until blogs don't exist and my means of self expression changes. Then can I poke fun at you on my hologram channel? You know I only do it because I love you, right?

Below, a snippet of the incredible Panorama Jazz Band's version of "Something". Speaking of cringing when I think of myself dancing...

Something in the way she knows,
And all I have to do is think of her.
Something in the things she shows me.
I don't want to leave her now.
You know I believe and how.


  1. I'm going to have to write a post to link. It could probably be 100 pages long if I let it. The Beatles sing a song for every season of our relationship and then some. Every time a song gets shuffled up on the iPod it makes me smile. What a great first dance song (we definitely considered it)! For our guest book we used lyrics from 'In My Life'.

    Happy Anniversary!!! You guys clearly enjoy the hell out of each other and it's nice to read about. :)

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  3. Aww, this was cute and beautiful!

    I love the Beatles--who doesn't? There is a song for every single mood in the human existence. My memory is that my Dad has a million records and never played them, ever. But if me or my brother went even close to them we got lectured about handling them properly, storing them upright, etc. etc. For one of their anniversaries when I was little my Mom bought my dad a record player so he could listen to his records instead of just yelling at us about them. This is when I discovered the joy of listening to music on vinyl.

    In 6th grade I discovered the crazy album cover of Sgt. Pepper and thought, "woah, I need to listen to this!" I oh-so-carefully handled the record on its edges and put it on one day after school and sat indian-style on the floor and just listened to the whole thing. I'm sure I'd heard some of the songs on the radio before but I'd never just listened to an entire album start-to-finish. For weeks I listened to that album every day after school while I did my homework. For me the best part is that obviously as a 12 year old suburban upper middle class white girl I had no idea that the album was supposed to be listened to on acid nor did I understand any of the drug references. I just loved the music and the lyrics and the whole sound of it. I think that's why it's great--it doesn't matter what it's about or what the underlying psychadelic message may be about music, if it's good, it's good to everybody, no matter what.

    "She's Leaving Home" is still one of my favorite Beatles songs; even though it is so depressing it is just so beautiful.

    P.S. When I was in college my Dad gave me his record player AND all of his records. But he was like Liz Lemon when Frank ate her Teamsters sandwich when he was explaining what the consequences would be if I ruined any of them.

  4. Happy anniversary! What a beautiful dress & veil... I like the blog design too :)

  5. You know me and The Beatles. They are the soundtrack to my life. My first CD ever was Rubber Soul- which did not make me cool among my peers, who were blasting Ace of Base and Mighty Mighty Bostones. A specific Beatles memory I have is on my birthday (I think 9th), my parents woke me up by blasting "They Say Its Your Birthday" and I had a bike waiting for me. That's right- John and Paul- it was my birthday. Thank you for always remembering.