Tuesday, May 31, 2011

point, starbucks

The other day it was approximately 1 million degrees outside. We were at Starbucks and Y, a tried and true "regular coffee" kind of guy, saw an advertisement and decided it was just hot enough for a Frappucino.

If you don't get this reference, I don't think we can be friends.

"After all," he said, reading the sign, "a grande is only 140 calories."

The next time we visited Starbucks, he ordered another Frappucino in his standard tall size. He picked it up and frowned. "I feel like my last one was bigger than this one."

Poor, naive Y spent his entire college career preparing for med school while I (an advertising major) a)studied much less and b) gained useful skills that would come in handy in the real world. So I explained why Y's drink appeared to have shrunk.

On our last Starbucks run, he looked at the sign {strategically} placed next to the register which {strategically} only mentioned how many calories were in a grande. Before he could even think about it, he turned to the cashier and asked for what was on his mind: a grande Frappucino. He didn't even realize the words coming out of his mouth. Point, Starbucks.

When I explained this to him, his jaw dropped, like so:

And he exclaimed, "Holy crap, I just got advertised!"


  1. Orange mocha frappucinoooooooos!!!

    I was a media communication major in undergrad, so every now and then Dr. D likes to quiz me on the targeted demographics of a tv show we're watching based on the commercials being aired. It's pretty entertaining, especially when he finds out we're watching a show made for menopausal women.

  2. That's too funny! How hot is it in S-town? I'm beginning to think I've lost my heat acclimation after this winter. It's only 80-ish most days here and I'm already like "It's too hooott". Summer should be fun.

  3. MDD - So glad we can officially be friends. I love how you've made a game out of your knowledge -- mine is just a nagging annoyance! Like, I'll find myself in deep thought about why certain words were chosen for a billboard or why a commercial is on during a certain TV show. Sometimes a scene from the meeting in which these decisions happen will run through my mind. It's kind of exhausting!

    D - It's in the 90s today with a 104 degree heat index. Plus, you know, 3000% humidity. 80 degrees?!?! I'd kill for 80!