Sunday, October 10, 2010

Day 4: Why David Sedaris and I are not friends anymore

Today's WBthirty topic was originally "Your favorite book", which I broadened to "A post about books". I thought about being lazy and linking you to two other funny posts I've made about books, but I decided to be productive and tell you a story.

Y's mom just gave me David Sedaris's latest book, and I'm excited to read it... after I finish the teeny tiny list of other books I have on my to-read list:

Of course, the latest Sedaris book got me thinking about the time I met him. In 2008, Y and I decided we didn't want to spend the summer before his first year of med school relaxing at the beach like normal people -- we decided that we wanted to drive to Canada.

The view of Toronto from Niagara-on-the-Lake

In Toronto, we randomly discovered that David Sedaris was having a book signing at a bookstore near our hotel, and since his new book had been our reading material for the entire trip, and because we could find surprisingly little to do in Toronto, we decided to go.

After standing in line for an hour, we chit-chatted with Mr. Sedaris for a few minutes and then he signed a book for Y's mom. Apparently charmed by Y (Y has that effect on people), he wrote something like "To Mrs. P: You have a delightful son."

How sweet! I couldn't wait to see what he wrote about me in my book. I can be equally as charming as Y when I have to.

Mr. Sedaris (I don't know what to call him. David? Dave? ) asked me my name. Since I have a, um, unique name, he asked me how it came to be . Before I even started my story, Ole Dave started writing a message in my book. He finished the message before I even got to the good part. I was confident. He must have seen something he liked in me.

When I got outside, I checked my message:

Really, dude? Really? My story touched your heart? You wrote that before you even heard my story! Am I not delightful? Can't you just see the sarcasm dripping from that page? I must be a terrible story teller.

And then I found twenty dollars.


  1. Maybe your opening line on your story was really good and he just knew his heart would be touched. Or maybe he was being funny? I'm still a little jealous he signed your book, even with something lame.

  2. ha I'm going with the guess that he was sick of signing books and just wrote the first thing that came to his head. He's on tour now, you should see if he's coming anywhere near you!

  3. LOL! What a cool story. I think it's an awesome compliment that he knew you were the type of person who would appreciate that humor.

  4. Andi I never thought of it that way! I like it though.

  5. This made me laugh SO hard. I love your blog mucho mucho. Haha, I'm still laughing as I type this!

    Someday I want to take your picture again, for free, because I just love you guys.

  6. Awww we would gladly take you up on that offer! We have several Jenna Cole originals framed throughout our house :)

    Funny that you commented, I'm working on a post right now with one of our engagement pictures!

  7. When I met David Sedaris (I've gone to see him read many times, but only once waited in line to meet him), I had brought two books and told him I couldn't decide which one I wanted him to sign. He said "Writing books has made me very, very wealthy. It would be my pleasure to sign both."

    My point is, I think he was just trying to be funny. When he signed the first one, he asked where I lived. I told him I was graduating college in a few months and moving to West Hollywood. He told me I would be the only straight woman there and signed it "To a fox in West Hollywood." See? Funny!