Monday, October 25, 2010

you would spray paint too, if it happened to you

I failed my WBThirty challenge, didn't I? I was very busy watching a terrible weekend of football and hosting a pumpkin carving party at which I did not carve, but instead spray painted, a pumpkin. Everyone made fun of me. At my own party. It was like a third grade nightmare.

But I like my tacky gold pumpkin. In fact, I'm pretty sure the pumpkin is now my house's greatest asset. Right after Ike. Speaking of Ike, he wore a tie.

And someone carved a potentially really offensive abortion pumpkin. I can't think of one successful party that didn't have an abortion pumpkin. So I guess we succeeded?

Edited to add: My friend Lindsey posted pictures of the party from her fancy camera to her cute blog, focused LINZ.

Also edited to add: LOOK. Another gold pumpkin.

WBThirty will continue tomorrow. Some late night photoshopped masterpieces will be included. Get excited!


  1. i love your golden pumpkin! sad i couldn't make the party :(

  2. What a good idea, the gold pumpkin look awesome!

  3. Thank you! Lauren and Allison are my two new best friends.