Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Day 10: a wanderlist

The other day Y had the bright idea to put a chair on our front porch. I know, right? Groundbreaking. Now our favorite thing to do is sit on our new chair and look out at our beautiful view.

And by look at our beautiful view, I meant pretend we have a view.

Y's pick:

My pick:

Our mutual pick:

Yes,it will be difficult backing out of the driveway into water, but so worth it.

On a more realistic note, I've actually made a list of places in my area that I'd like to visit before we eventually move to our house in Central Parksterdam, Ireland.

Because I'm a big list nerd, I literally made a file in word, separated out into restaurants, bars, outdoors, experiences, and road trips. So if you're a local friend and want to join me on my quest to, I don't know, eat a kolache, let me know and I'll share. But here's my broader road trip list:

1. Visit Natchitoches -- where Steel Magnolias was filmed -- during Christmastime and take a Steel Magnolias tour.

2. Austin, TX. I've never been to Austin and I think that needs to be fixed. On my actual list, to emphasize the seriousness of the situation, I have it as "AUS.TIN".

3. Go wine tasting in Texas wine country and visit Fredericksburg, TX, a little German community that I've heard has delicious food.

4. This was not on my list until about 2 seconds ago, but I just came across a travel blog for my area and they profiled some hiking and biking trails at a resort called Cypress Bend that I had never heard of.

5. Monroe is a city I've heard absolutely nothing good about, but one of my favorite blogs, DesignSponge, does city profiles and somehow Monroe made its way onto their list. Mu curiosity is officially piqued.

6. Any kind of middle of nowhere festival. I've heard about a sunflower festival, a lavender festival, a tamale festival, and my friend Jenna went to a Dr. Pepper festival.

7. Hot Springs, Arkansas. Bathhouses totally creep me out, but I want to see one.

8. The Abita Brewery. Why I never went when I lived in South Louisiana, I'll never know.

9. Marfa, Texas is nowhere near me, but if we ever happen to be out west, I am completely intrigued by the place. Jane at Sea of Shoes (the authority on cool) describes it as "a gritty West Texas cowboy art colony". Some Marfa art -- a "Prada store" in the middle of nowhere:

Other Marfa pictures: (1)(2)(3)(4)(5).

Anyone local have any other suggestions? Who's going to help me tackle my list?


  1. Yes, Austin is a must. I lived there for four years and most days miss it dearly. :)

  2. I don't think I've been anywhere on your list, but I love the photos with the different views! Very fun.

  3. Things around Louisiana (some you might have been to before): Breaux Bridge (nice "main street" town with a sweet antique guitar dealership), Anywhere south of new orleans (the distinction between ocean and land is unclear), take the ferry across the river- cost $1 (take the Plaquemine ferry and come visit my new 1860s house), visit the Kisatchie National Forest (one of the most remote places in Louisiana with a relatively sublime landscape)

  4. I grew up about 20 minutes from the brewery and I haven't been yet either. I've tried numerous times but something always comes up.

    I've always wanted to go to Austin and Hot Springs too. I get to go to Hot Springs in March but I'll be working the whole time in a basketball arena.

  5. @V, any tips for when I finally make my way to Austin?

    @lives: Thanks! I am especially proud of myself because I used to be right in the middle of that Central Park picture... any experience photoshopper probably already figured that out :)

    @Christiana I can't believe you've never been to Austin! I remember you used to be really into live music too, right? Reveille entertainment reporter?

  6. I won a copy of a Steel Magnolias DVD at drag queen bingo once at OZ on Bourbon St.

  7. I am willing to do the following with you: Natchitoches, Austin, Wine tasting, festivals, Hot Springs, and the Abita Brewery. Ready when you are!