Friday, June 11, 2010


Would you guys shun me if I told you I had an imaginary friend? If it helps, she's only sort of imaginary. She exists, I've just never met her. If we're getting specific, she's more like a pen pal from the past.

Kam/Kim/Karen Hefstader/Heferstader/Hofstad -- the previous owner of my law and ethics textbook.

While my classmates are arguing about whether or not Boomkeisha is an acceptable name for a baby, or while my teacher discusses how "Jews may have Ramadan, but they're still white and therefore have no history", or while I explain to the class why chain letters are not a valid source of information -- you, KamKimKaren, are the voice of reason in my class.

You always have a relevant comment to the stuff we're
supposed to be learning, whether it's "indeed." or "well said!" or "WHOA!" or "***ASK MOM!" or "BUUUUSH!" which I can only imagine being said like this:

I kind of feel like I already know you, KimKam, but there's so much more I need to know. What makes you underline words like "but", "if", "also" and "because"? How can this possibly be helpful? Also, are you a pirate?

And, who uses the word "yipes"?

But really if I could tell you just one thing, whoever you are, it would be that after a long day of work, and an additional 4 hours of class, nothing brightens my day more than one of your exclamation mark faces.

Basically what I'm trying to say here is, SOMEONE BE MY FRIEND SO I'LL STOP TALKING TO WRITING.


  1. Between KimKam and Ike, I worry I'd be terribly boring as a friend.

  2. Ditto Colette. And is it weird I'm jealous I never had such a vibrant pre-owned book holder? p.s. I think I've said "yipes" before.

  3. This is so Harry Potter and the Half Blood prince. Just don't start following directions from the book if it starts to get a little wacko :) Its luring you in and making you feel complacent with all those little exclamation smileys... :)

  4. I've always secretly wanted to find a cool book like this :) I'm with Mames, all of my previous book owners have been rule-followers like I was apparently, LOL.

    AND WTF re: your teachers' Ramadan/Jewish/White/No history comment? I don't even know where to begin with that!!! :/

  5. omg! I agree with Jennifer! The guy who previously owned my property text book last semester wrote in every single answer (in teeny tiny handwriting) to all of these reeeeally difficult problems. I legit felt ashamed just like Harry did by getting the answers. It did end badly JUST LIKE FOR HARRY as I did not study that shiz enough because I had all the answers. And they were allllll correct.

  6. Colette & Amy : I guess KimKam, Ike and I do have a lot of fun together. And I was also really excited about my crazy book owner! I keep trying to show people in my class how ridiculous it is and no one gets it. :(

    Andi: I could honestly write a book of the ridiculous things said in my classes. Maybe next Nano? I promise that is almost verbatim what he said -- I couldn't make that up!

    S and J: Sadly I only made it to the third HP book. I feel like a book reading failure. I'm surprised Y didn't catch that reference though! PS, Sarah - people in my class were complaining about how the words in the book are too big - like "tort". Our professor -- a lawyer -- raised his eyebrow and said something like, "These words are found not only in legal dictionaries, but in regular dictionaries." ZING.

  7. Uhhh....I did catch the reference, I have just been in the library all day sans-internet becuase your password is a freaking steel trap.

    Sarah, Potter nearly killed that hitler-youth wannabe Malfoy using instructions from the book. I would chalk that up as a "win".

  8. Y: did you try "yonisux"??? I'd put $ on that being her password.