Sunday, January 5, 2014

The {really, really cold} Sunday Currently (2014.1)

R E A D I N G 

A few years ago I read a book about President Garfield. Did you forget Garfield was a president before he was a cat with an affinity for Italian cuisine? Probably. I had never really thought twice about him either, but the book was fascinating. 

So this unexpectedly good read, combined with a high-energy, quirky high school American history teacher that gave me a lifelong curiosity for the subject, inspired a random goal to read a book about every president. Right now I'm reading The Bully Pulpit, about Taft AND Roosevelt. More presidential bang for my buck! I'm going to need to cleanse my palate with some YA after this 600+ page monster. 

Any of you party people have a favorite book about a president? I say party people because only the Most Fun type of person is going to answer this question.

W R I T I N G 

I'm going to do my best to actually fill out this Q&A book. No promises. 

L I S T E N I N G 

Y is in our basement working on his moped. Did you know he's building a moped? It's pretty awesome (he is better at building mopeds than taking photos, before you ask). Anyway, I was just taking some pictures of him down there, and we were listening to Nick Kroll tell a story about getting drunk in Germany on Yom Kippur. Worth your three minutes. 

W I S H I N G 

I've been watching a lot of Beyonce videos lately and I'm just going to come out and say it: I wish I was Beyonce.

H O P I N G 

that the premiere of the Bachelor is as magical and trashy and cheesy as I think it will be. 

W E A R I N G 

Y and I fundamentally disagree on something: house clothes. When I'm not planning to leave my house (and as soon as I get home from work) I wear pajamas. He puts on jeans as soon as he wakes up, even if he's planning on doing nothing but watch Futurama reruns all day. Where do you stand? 

Oh, and I'm wearing pajamas. Obviously. 

L O V I  N G 

I love that we are venturing out into the impossibly cold night tonight to see a concert and have dinner. Staying in just because it's cold would mean the weather terrorists have won. 

S M E L L I N G 

Please tell me I'm not crazy and that your dog gets a special smell when he sleeps? And that you maybe kind of like it? And that you maybe scream IKESKIDOODLE YOU SMELL LIKE SNUGGLES!! and bury your face in his stomach? 

Oh, me neither. 


I already told you. I want to be Beyonce. 


Y used up all of our dish soap trying to make a bubble solution so we could blow bubbles outside and watch them freeze. So we need that. I'm kind of thinking about just typing up a grocery list here? Can that be a new blog genre? Grocery lists?

F E E L I N G 

warm and content regardless of what the thermometer says. 

C L I C K I N G 

current tabs open in Chrome, to prove to you that I am a girl of many interests: 
Dogs might poop in line with the Earth's magnetic field
A Vogue feature on Yahoo's Marissa Mayer
A 52 lists project (found through Anna)
The Drum: a literary magazine for your ears
A list of favorite books of 2013 (ps, mine is coming soon!)
Siddathornton, the home of the Sunday Currently


  1. Oh, that is smart to keep a list of books you've read. I was just thinking the other day that I honestly am not sure what all I read this past year, and wondering if my library can give me a print-out. I'm just lousy keeping up with my Goodreads!
    Also, Ike is adorable. Duh.

  2. That article about dog's lining up with magnetic field was really interesting. I always watch my dog circle and run back and forth and side to side and circle again wondering, "Why can't you just go?" Maybe there's a reason! (Also, I like how my dog smells, too.)

    I'm with you, pajamas all the way if I'm at home. I've even changed into new pajamas after a few hours once I realized that I didn't have to and didn't want to leave the house on a few occasions.

  3. So glad you've clicked (or will click) on my 2013 "best of books" list. I love you've organized this post. So clever! Stay warm. (I'm here in Mpls too!)

  4. I'm a PJ or sweatpants girl all the way. No way I'm wearing jeans on a day when I'm going to be home all day or lounging. Must be a guy thing, because Russ is the same way! I don't understand it!

  5. Comfies at home at all times! It's the first thing I do - run upstairs, take off the bra, put on PJs or yoga pants, and take out my contacts if they were in. The two days a week I work from home, I don't get out of my pj's until/unless I go to the gym or something else after work.

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  7. I am definitely a comfy clothes person! Real pants and a bra at home are the worst!

  8. I know you're already doing Teddy but "Mornings on Horseback" is phenomenal. It's by David McCullough (John Adams, 1776, etc) and it's about TR's early life from birth up through his time with the rough riders. It's completely fascinating.
    I'm in the first book of the mammoth four book LBJ series; it's my entire LIFE goal to actually get through all four...