Thursday, January 23, 2014

in a polar vortex

In a polar vortex, your urine looks like this:

Just kidding. That's a jar of homemade bubbles. Because in a polar vortex, bubbles look like this:

During the first polar vortex (we're currently in Polar Vortex 2: Back in the Habit) I declared that we needed to go somewhere warm and green. The Como Zoo in St. Paul hosts a winter concert series called Music Under Glass, and it's the perfect escape from winter: warm and humid (the good kind of humid. Not Louisiana humid.) and full of life. We walked through the gardens and listened to acoustic covers of pop songs.

And then we ran as fast as we could to the car because it felt like -40 degrees.

The restaurant we chose for dinner, The Mill NE, didn't exactly have the cozy vibe warranted for such extreme temperatures, but it was delicious nonetheless. I loved my butternut squash bisque and cocktail made with pear cider, vodka, and dandelion bitters which, by the way, are an actual thing.

The roads were empty. The concert was empty. The restaurant was empty. And I was kind of proud of us for not letting the weather win.


  1. I think you should make a hashtag and have your readers post a pic on Instagram of the expression they had on their face as they read the first sentence and saw accompanying picture. Mine was puzzled. Amused. Mildly disgusted for a hot second. And then more amusement. You always make me giggle. #vortexurine

  2. That sounds like such a fun plan! And I am so relieved that wasn't actually pee in a jar...

  3. i'm very impressed, and a little jealous. i never even thought of como on a cold thinking!

  4. There are a couple of top residency choices in your state. It's terrifying. Our version of the polar vortex is bad, but yours is worse. Way to go venturing out...kind of like taking your life in your own hands.