Monday, November 26, 2012

weekend lessons v. 6

01. Giblets is a really funny word.

02. Last night, we went to a holiday parade in downtown Minneapolis and I just wanted to PINCH ITS LITTLE CHEEKS. Lesson: Non-Louisiana parades are so cute, with their teeny tiny floats and sober riders and lack of things flying through the air.

03. The other day I was talking to Ike, and I apparently called him Mr. McStinkyButt.  Y called, from the other room, "Of the Minneapolis McStinkyButts?" It was then that I snapped to consciousness and even realized that I had been talking to the dog. I have a problem, I think.

04. We started watching Homeland this weekend and BAM. Marley from Glee, topless. The lesson: Marley from Glee is topless in Homeland and I just don't feel like her mom the cafeteria lady would have raised her daughter to be so... topless. Related: Angela from My So Called Life is a CIA agent.

05. I'm thankful for a dog that winks at me and a husband that sleeps through the cutest photo session ever. (see above photo)


  1. This is totally unrelated, but I LOVED My So Called Life. Hello, the Boiler Room episode basically changed my life. Swoon.

  2. I could hardly get past #1 because "giblets" was making me giggle so much.

  3. Haha. I love that you are experiencing things differently now- and the fact that you mentioned that the parades are different, less drunk and things flying. What a big change. :) haha.

    I'm a new follower! :)