Sunday, November 4, 2012

the sunday currently

reading Tiny Beautiful Things by Cheryl Strayed. I started reading this before I read Wild, her other book. The one where she whines and hikes and whines and hikes and whines and hikes. Now I don't know if I can take her seriously enough to enjoy this book. 

writing blog posts about Enrique Iglesias, My$tikal, dog sweaters, and radon. Stay tuned, it's about to get musical, snuggly, and toxic around these parts.

listening to the Lumineers Pandora station, through which I've been introduced to Noah and the Whale and The XX. Tip: The XX is amazing writing music.

thinking about the peppermint white hot chocolate with whipped cream I'm going to be making later tonight. 

smelling snuggles. Does anyone else's dog develop a smell when it sleeps? We like to say it smells like snuggles. You are not to repeat that to anyone, do you hear me??

wishing I could be a morning person. I even googled "how to be a morning person". I got nothing.

hoping that the next bar in which I try to watch an LSU game doesn't change the channel for the entire first quarter because one table wants to watch a horse race. I'm sorry Minnesota, but SEC football > horse racing.

wearing my new Minnesota uniform: a flannel shirt, down vest, jeans and boots.

loving podcasts. On a scale of one to Screech, how nerdy does that make me? My current favorites: NPR's pop culture happy hour and Joy the Baker. 

wanting to fill out one of those "about me" chain letters that were cool back when I had a hotmail e-mail address and a geocities account. That's what writing this post feels like. JuSt WiTh a LoT lEsS oF tHiS.

needing to eat more vegetables. This week has not been conducive to vegetable consumption.

feeling cozy. Flannel will do that to you.

clicking and laughing out loud. 

Linking up with Lauren, who just moved to Wilmington, NC today. In her honor, I think I'll go watch Dawson's Creek on Netflix. 


  1. I just ate some delicious canned green beans. Veggie quota for the night has been sufficiently met. Sorta.

    Hotmail era memes were And yes. I wrote because I was referencing Hotmail era memes. Not because I think is cool or anything. Errrr.

  2. the morning person thing is something I've been trying to accomplish as well. Try to get the gym by 5:30AM is just too damn hard. I can't do it (well, I COULD, I'm just lazy).
    And googling it just leads me to think people are crazy. Sleep in your workout gear?! WHY. I would probably end up dying of heat with all the warm and soft blankets on our bed.

  3. bahahaha - i am so glad you mentioned dawson's creek. justin & i really need to get on watching that (again). it's so weird to think that i'm living where it was filmed. i have 'nerded out' many a time over that very fact.

  4. Hey girl!! I live in MN as well! Loving your "Minnesota uniform." Also looooving your blog!! :)

    Hope we can chat soon!! :)

  5. What hoot...loving the chuckles while reading your blog today at work...shhh don't tell...Found you from Young House Love...just wanted to say we are living the dream with our Screech-ness and Joy the Baker Podcast! go you!

    1. yay! I recently took a break from podcasts to listen to an audiobook, but now I'm ready to catch up on Joy and Tracy!