Saturday, December 1, 2012

following up

>> As a followup to this post, I heard Eminem on the radio the other day and practically licked the radio.

>> As a followup to this post, there has since been a poop elephant and a poop turkey to accompany the poop whale. Someday I'll post a collage of our poop menagerie. 

Also, Young House Love put a link to that post on their blog yesterday, making the story of the poop whale my most viewed post ever. This traffic surge knocked this out of the top spot, a post in which I mentioned Kristin Chenowith. It's not a particularly special post, it just gets hits when people search for Kristin Chenowith feet. People are... interesting. & thanks to YHL for the shout out! 

>> As a followup to this post, the other day, my cashier at Trader Joe's cheerily sang "OOOOOKIE DOKIE" to the tune of "HAAAALLLELUJAH!"

>> As a followup to this post, my rectum is still amazing.


  1. Trader Joe's cashier saying OKIE-DOKIE doesn't seem real shocking. There's something about that store that's lovely. People just are excited to work there, or something. It's interesting, that's for sure!

    1. In a good way. I love Trader Joe's. BEST STORE EVER. or, at least for me it's on the top five.

    2. I know! I had just never shopped at Trader Joe's before I moved here. I didn't realize it was possible for cashiers to be friendly!

    3. Isn't that the truth! I wish that there was a Trader Joe's on the island where I am stuck for the next.. year and a half.. :-/ It would change everything. But, I would want Trader Joe's prices and products! :) haha

  2. I appreciate the closure on these issues... and I love my Trader Joe's cashiers. If I'm feeling a little lonely working from home, I can just go there and have a lovely conversation with someone over my purchase of delicious and inexpensive cheeses and wines.