Monday, November 12, 2012

the complexities of bubble baths

I can't wait to go home and de-stress with a glass of wine and a bubble bath

For some reason, I've always felt like this is what real adult females do when they get home from work. I don't know where I got the idea -- a romantic comedy starring Kate Hudson? A book with a pink cover? -- but I've always felt like I wasn't truly a grownup because the bathtubs in my rented places were too disgusting to ever dream of sitting in.

Then, we bought a house of our very own. With a bathroom we owned.

And it had a disgusting bathtub.

I resigned myself to a life without bubble baths. It was hard to do, guys, but I did it. I know, I know: I'm so brave.

And then we discovered that the lack of tile in our shower was causing the water to rot the walls. 

And, as the popular children's story goes, if you tell new homeowners they need new tile, they're going to want a new shower head. And when you give them the shower head, they're probably going to want a new bath tub. 

The first order of business in our shiny new bathtub? I was taking the freaking bubble bath I had been deprived of for so long. 

But there are things you realize when you take the first bath of your entire adult life. Things like, you have no idea how to take a bath. 

As Y said after he was forced to take a bath before the shower head was fully installed, Am I supposed to wash my hair in the same water I wash my asshole?

Valid question. I haven't taken a bath since.


  1. I never got the appeal of sitting in filthy bath water. Unless maybe you do an all over, scrub down in the shower and bleach the tub before hopping in? But yeah. No thanks. Not that motivated. I am making myself sound like I am a dirty person. Maybe I am. I think it's the dead skin particles that get sloughed off during bathing and showering. Ish. Related: Did you know that a normal mattress gains a couple pounds of dead skin over a ten year or so period of time?? Ufda. I slept quite shitty the night after learning that.

  2. ew, Lo, that is gross about the mattress. lol and this is why I prefer to live in denial.

    I actually like baths but I usually take them to relax not get clean. If I'm cold I'll take a bath haha I also usually prop my laptop up on the toilet, watch tv, soak in the warm bubbly water, use a footscrub, and maybe shave my legs.

    Y's quote is just the best btw!

  3. My hangup with baths is the sitting there naked part. It just feels weird. LOVE the new tiling and tub though, and also I have that same shower curtain in the gold color scheme...

  4. Did you guys do this yourself? We need to do the exact same thing in both of our bathrooms and we're contemplating DIY - I need to pick somebody's brain about it first, though! It looks great, however it happened! :)

  5. HA. I love your mouse/cookie reference.

    Info for Y: I never expect to get clean in a bath. I'll do the whole "soaking in the hot water with bubbles and a glass of wine" thing for a while, and then I'll remember that I'm sitting in my own dirt and so will shower afterwards.

    It's beautiful, so enjoy it!

  6. I am cracking up right now, particularly because I just took a bath. Seriously. I did. I'm one of those people that you are referring to that loves baths. But like Meg, I take them to relax, not to get to clean. I always do a quick shower afterward, and I don't really know how I would even go about washing my hair in a bath. But sitting in a hot bath on a cold day with a glass of wine... love.

  7. He's so true; I've thought that way for years!

  8. The secret to taking a bubble bath is having Netflix on a laptop. By the way, where did you get your shower curtain?

    1. Target! I think they should still have it. But this one is on my wish list (or it was, until they sold out...):

  9. what about hot tubs... sitting in a tub of water housing who knows how many other butts-if it's a public pool, butts you've never even met. :P I don't care how much chlorine they use. gross.

  10. I came over to your blog from YHL and I love it - too funny! :)

    Question: Where on earth did you get that shower curtain?? I LOVE IT!

  11. I came over to your blog from YHL and I love it - too funny! :)

    Question: Where on earth did you get that shower curtain?? I LOVE IT!