Tuesday, October 23, 2012

three thoughts on shopping

1. Remember that time I wrote about my local mall in Shreveport? The miserable, desolate mall where great deals go to die? Remind me to do a post now that I live 4 minutes from the complete opposite of that mall. A mall that has a store entirely devoted to Peeps. And a wedding chapel. And a log flume. But still manages to somehow be miserable in its own way. 

2. Urban Outfitters is selling rare Lisa Frank items, clearly trying to appeal to girls exactly my age. However, the last time this 28-year-old walked in to Urban Outfitters, I immediately had to turn around and walk out because THE MUSIC WAS SO LOUD. Turn down your music, Urban. And get off my lawn while you're at it. Then maybe I'll think about buying a folder with a picture of two hot pink dolphins hugging. 

3. Yesterday, I went to Target to buy bread. I came out with a bag that was so heavy it set off the seatbelt sensor on my passenger seat. Story of my life.

What about you guys? Any random musings on shopping?


  1. Who wouldn't be happy with a brightly colored Lisa Frank notebook in their purse?!

    I always come out of Target with multiple bags - going in with only a few items (that are small) on my list. It just sucks me in.

  2. I went to the Mall of America by myself when my husband was interviewing up there for fellowship! The sheer size of it was SO overwhelming, yet I was sort of let down by the quality of stores there (they seem to have repeats of half the stores which is lame). Still cool to see though. Do you think their wedding chapel does big business?

  3. Oh, Target. That's pretty much what happens to me every time I'm there. It was especially bad right after we bought our house and I found myself wondering how I ever used to get out of there for under $100. And I thought I maybe wasn't cool enough for Urban Outfitters, but I guess I'm just too old lady. No thank you, loud music.

  4. oh target... it's literally impossible to go in without spending at least $100 when you only needed 1 thing