Monday, July 16, 2012

the traffic diaries: 2

I have this dream.

(Once you read the nonsense below, you'll understand why I found it disrespectful to quote Dr. Martin Luther King directly.)

I'll be stuck on the on-ramp, the one that takes me south. I'll be sitting on the overpass above the fancy shopping center waiting to merge, like I am every day. It will be an especially congested day, and I'll be waiting to merge for 17 minutes instead of the usual 13. I'll be struggling to stay awake. 

And then "Call Me Maybe" will come on. A shot of caffeine directly to my veins.

I'll look over at the driver next to me. She'll hear it, too. We will look at each other as if to say are you thinking what I'm thinking? I'll look in front of me, and behind me. All of the drivers, stuck on this on-ramp, will be nodding in support. They will all know this has to happen.

In unison, our windows will roll down.

And we'll all start singing. 

Those of us with sunroofs will break into the choreographed dance that we all just happen to know. 

Suddenly, traffic will be fun.


  1. oh gosh if only that dream could become a reality! 13 minutes on an on-ramp sounds terrible, not to mention 17!

  2. haha! Oh man, I do not miss the days of a 45-60 minute commute to work. Pergatory is a jam-packed freeway.

  3. I am so glad to know I might not be alone in the small/strange fantasy I've harbored since childhood of some kind of device that allows drivers to know what radio stations are playing in other cars as they roll along (or sit on, as it were) the highway - and then tune in to the same and have one big singalong...

  4. That sounds like a great dream! Let's all just be friends!!!

  5. ...and know the same dance to "Call Me Maybe."

  6. HIlarious! I've been talking in made up Call me Maybe lyrics lately.

    Hey, I just read this
    your dream is crazy
    but sounds so awesome
    so live it maybe?

    Also, sometimes I wish my life was a musical. That's all.