Tuesday, July 10, 2012

residency tip number 1

Don't believe everything you read. 


  1. HA. I learned that lesson quickly, and my solution was rephrasing. Now I get "walking to the car" texts instead, which are generally safer to believe, as long as they are sent from OUTSIDE of the hospital...

  2. haha so true! I told my husband that he can only ask me to pick him up if he is already waiting on the curb OUTSIDE the hospital. I learned that hard way that "Be done in 15 mins" is a big fat lie and that waiting in in the car is my version of hell. Love the blog! What specialty is your husband in?

  3. HA! We've decided that sending that message is only appropriate when seated in the car!!!

  4. Found your blog via YHL recap of their book signing and am loving how similar the life of most all residents' spouses seem to be... Most, because we all know there are a select few specialties who get to skip the crazy works hours. I make my OBGYN resident husband give me multiple updates along the way and only tend to believe the ones when he's about halfway home IF he doesn't have the pager... What do you want to do on Friday/Saturday night only becomes a viable conversation on Friday/Saturday night when he's headed home and I am then able to gauge how tired he is or is not by talking to him on the phone...