Monday, July 2, 2012


Recently I was standing in Target, livid because my phone was taking a whole 30 seconds to take and send the above photo. Our friends back in Louisiana needed to know immediately that our neighborhood Target sold this pastry. It's a long story. Anyway, I was pissed.

But then it hit me that not so long ago -- in my relatively short lifetime, in fact -- if I wanted to send someone a picture of something, I would not only have to wind up my disposable camera and not only have to hold down that button and listen to the high pitched whine as the flash warmed up and not only drive to my local 1 hour photo and wait one hour for my pictures (doubles, please!) to be developed... but then I would have to put the picture in the mail and wait 2-4 days for it to be delivered. Was I really getting angry because my phone was so slow that it couldn't do this same task in less than 20 seconds? 

That really puts things in perspective, right?

My new lease on life lasted about 15 seconds, until I noticed that my f@!#king picture still hadn't sent. The moral of this story is that I need a new iPhone. 

I hope you learned something here today.


  1. Ha!!! Great perspective. All 30 seconds of it.

  2. Love it. Such a different world with different expectations!

    My internet has been all messed up lately and it makes things load really slowly and I get SO MAD. But... just a few years ago, we had DIAL UP and it was ALWAYS slow! Whatever. I'm still mad. :-)

  3. oh my goodness something very similar to this happened to us last night. When we moved here we got the fastest internet available, but it's still just a tad slower than what we had in Pittsburgh (just the tinest bit). We were complaining about the slightest delays and having to pause the video at the beginning so it could upload. Which took a grand total of less than 10 seconds. Terrible.

  4. when I had my first digital camera at camp in 2005 when I was in charge of the dining hall Gabriel Cohen was 3ish and would bake cookies with me. whenever I would take a picture of him he would immediately yell, "lemme see it!" and I realized then how impatient the next generation of children is going to be haha. and yes omg remember when you would "call" your best friend's doubles if they brought a camera and you didn't?

  5. 1. I just caught up on all of your posts that I missed while I've been on my hiatus from all blogs (including my own... eeps), and I have to say that I do still indeed love it and have missed it. And "rapping Abraham Lincoln" had me lol'ing for quite a while.

    2. Dang.