Thursday, March 15, 2012

too excited to sleep

Remember that Disney World commercial where the most adorable children you've ever seen squirmed in their bed the night before their vacation and squealed about how they were too excited to sleep? 

I feel you, kids. During the weeks leading up to Match Day, I've had the night before Disney World jitters. 

When I was in college, my best friend went to Disney World with my family over Christmas break. We had the jitters. We dealt with them by prank calling all of our high school friends.

Unfortunately, that wasn't an appropriate solution to dealing with week-before-Match-Day jitters. I had to find some way to keep busy or I knew I would go insane. 

Y's solution was to watch every single episode of Downton Abbey, re-watch all 4 seasons of Mad Men, and start Breaking Bad from the beginning. Boys have it so easy. I got tired of sitting still after 2 episodes of Downton Abbey, so it was time for a new strategy. 

So I overhauled my blog. Click here to see if you're viewing from a reader. I also updated my "about" page and Y's "about" page (formerly the "the white coat" button). 

Then I decided to change my twitter background, and in the process invented houndstooth.

But this only ate up a few hours. When the chance came up at the perfect time, I volunteered to plan a 1950s housewife themed bachelorette party, which I think will be the standing theme for any event I plan from now on. Show up to my house in an apron, and you'll be good. Just look how adorable the bride, T, was in her costume and you'll be on board. 

I've been trudging through this month's book club book, Love in the Time of Cholera, and helping to plan our next book club meeting. Have you heard of this book, MWF Seeking BFF?

 I -- in my manic, productive state-- contacted Rachel Bertsche, the author, and arranged for her to join our April book club meeting via Skype. I can't wait to share that book club experience with you guys!

A project for work/school that I've been slowly planning since August is picking up momentum, and suddenly I'm finding myself at Starbucks working diligently before and after work. LSU ruined me, people. After cramming for nearly every test in college in a coffeeshop, I can't concentrate anywhere else. 

What I've learned from the last two weeks is that if something exciting were happening at the end of every week, I think I could change the world

Are you looking forward to anything this weekend? Perhaps me not talking about Match Day anymore?


  1. Love in the Time of Cholera AND arranging to meet an author via Skype? Your book club is Harvard and mine is community college. I want to come join yours.

    But I probably couldn't get in. ;) LOL

  2. I cannot wait to hear where you all are going to be headed! It's a CRAZY time right now - and yes, i don't know how guys can just "zone out" and be content, I get way too antsy and end up driving myself crazy.
    Your bachelorette party theme is SUPER cute and you're right, the bride looked adorable and like she was having a ton of fun! And your book club...seriously! So amazing!

  3. Almost there... But good idea keeping busy - these things turn me a little manic too. But the things accomplished - I mean, houndstooth and a fabulous themed party?! Good stuff.

    And I really want to read MWF Seeking BFF. Seems like a perfect book for when you're moving to a new city!

  4. Good luck today, lady!!!! I should hire you to make over my blog- lol- not that you will have time now that you guys know where you will be moving! I'm giddy for you. ha!