Sunday, March 4, 2012


We did a little redecorating when we realized that one of our favorite pieces of art needed a more prominent home. That look on Ike's face? He approves.

$4.99 grocery store flowers are still kicking a week later.

Although we don't need any more junk in our lives before a potential move... we bought more junk. Because who doesn't need a vintage pennant, Abraham Lincoln bookends, an owl wind chime, and a book of Shakespeare's sonnets from 1961?

 Or a pair of polka dotted shorts and a fedora?

We've been soaking up 70 degree weather in late February/early March, because odds are we won't be seeing that again for a few years.

Go ahead... try to convince me I don't need Abraham Lincoln bookends. YOU CAN'T DO IT.


  1. Looks like you've been busy redecorating around the blog too! That was my Sunday entertainment while my hubby was on call... Love the new buttons.

    And thoughts on this post:
    1. I think you DO need Abraham Lincoln bookends. So fun.
    2. I'm pretty sure I have that exact striped shirt.
    3. Love $5 grocery store flowers. I bought myself some yesterday, in fact.

  2. Those bookends would be really hard to pass up - I'm glad you got them and are giving them a good home!
    Love the new changes you're making to the blog!

  3. Love the bookends- did you find all that stuff at that terrible store?