Monday, March 12, 2012

Interview trail: a bonus note

(This winter, Y traveled around the country interviewing for a residency position. I've been writing about his travels. For more notes from the interview trail, click here.)

Today was the day we found out whether Y matched. Not where he matched, just whether or not he actually has a spot somewhere.

I've been waiting for this day for months. 

Not because I was worried about Y matching. I knew he would.(He did.)

I've been waiting for this day because Y told me that as soon as he found out he had a place somewhere, I could tell you this story:

It was a rainy, almost snowy, day in December and Y was at an interview in Pennsylvania. Not just any interview - an interview at one of the most prestigious programs in the country. It was just after this infamous night (to recap: flight delayed 4 hours; arrives at hotel at midnight to find he has no bed), and despite the less than optimal sleep he was on his game. Ready to impress.

The doctor conducting the interview looked down at his file. "You're from Louisiana, I see. Where else have you interviewed?" Y ticked off the list he had gotten so used to reciting.

The doctor nodded. "What made you interview at places so far from home?"

Y was relieved. He liked it when the questions were about his desire to experience something different from the South. He enjoyed sharing his love of travel. He had his answer fully prepared, but played it cool.

"I just, you know. I just wanted to spread my legs."


Shit, he thought, I played it too cool. 

And that's why I don't think we'll be moving to Philadelphia. 


  1. Hah! Poor Y but that is hilarious!

    The funniest thing that happened to J was he went into an interview and forgot the attendings name. So, he looked at the white coat on the door of the office and addressed him by that name. It wasn't until later that he realized the doctor was borrowing the office and he'd called him someone else the whole time. J almost died when he realized what he did. Funnily enough, that happened at the program he got into! :-)

    1. Oh no!! That's so awkward. Glad it didn't seem to make a difference.

  2. HA. One less place to wonder about as you wait for the 16th, I guess :)

    But way to match!

  3. OH my gosh! HAHA that is definitely something that would come out of my mouth.

    Congratulations on Matching!!! Can't wait to hear where you'll be headed!

  4. LOL! That is awesome.
    Also, just seeing your new blog header - very cute!

  5. Hilarious :)

    The most ridiculous thing Dr. D said on the interview trail involved a joke about a penguin and a blow job. So... yeah. What is it with these guys? Is this how they handle panic?

    1. bahahaha. I want to hear this joke. And the response he got when he told it.

  6. That story is amazing. Add it to the list of legendary interview trail stories!!!

  7. oh my gosh, hahaha. i feel like i have these moments ALL the time. i bet he was like "what did i just say? spread my legs!? stretch my legs? what did i even mean by that?"