Friday, February 24, 2012

interview trail: alabama

This picture was actually taken in Arkansas, but I would not be surprised if most people didn't know there was a difference between Mississippi, Alabama, Arkansas, and probably even Louisiana.

When you're driving through middle of nowhere Louisiana, Mississippi and Alabama, it's important to have a backup plan in case of boredom when your passenger falls asleep and your iphone transmitter won't work. I didn't have one. All I had was Mississippi/Alabama border radio on scan. And it was all country. Over. And over. And..

And then... I found my backup plan. As snippets of country songs played, one after the other, I realized that country lyrics were all so similar that they blurred together to form little country poems.  This entertained me for hours.

My favorites:

If Y ends up matching in Alabama and I can't find a job, at least I'll have a really productive hobby.

Y has been flying around the country for residency interviews since October. I've been writing about it. To see the rest of my notes from the interview trail, click here. 


  1. Oh, gosh. I grew up in Utah. It's not the South, but it's pretty...Countryfied {?} All I listened to in high school was country music.

    But, then I moved to L.A. and everyone made fun of me and music kind of went you see...

  2. haha such a unique way to entertain yourself!
    Country music definitely holds a special place in my heart but some of the lyrics just leave me giggling they are so cheesy.

  3. I love this! So sweet and cute with little bursts of inspiration.