Tuesday, February 7, 2012

doctor of tomorrow

Since I'm sharing holiday gifts in February, I might as well show you this one, too. 

That ripped out magazine page in the center of the refrigerator was part of my gift from Y (the "this isn't really a gift, but I decided to give it to you anyway because I thought it was neat" part). He randomly came across it while flipping through a 1968 Life magazine at an antique store. 

Here's what the text says:

Evening at home.
Like many another courageous girl, she's married her young doctor in the making. And now she shares with him those long, gruelling years of medical study and internship. 

In a very real sense, they're her years of preparation, too. For ahead stretches a lifetime of marriage to a man with whom... day or night, week-ends or holidays...the needs of patients will always come first.

You'll find dedication, as well, among the men and women who carry on A.H. Robins pharmaceutical research. It keeps them persisting through months and years of discouragement. For it may take a thousand trials and experiments to achieve a single success... a single better medicine to help your doctors of today and your doctors of tomorrow. 

Isn't that funny? Here are my thoughts...

PS: this was the actual gift - a vintage earring holder ordered from Etsy.


  1. :) Love the earring holder and uh yeah, Future Doctor gets his own coffee.

  2. Crazy how much can change over time...thank goodness!
    And the earring holder is adorable!

  3. Ah, the classic doctor's wife. Sadly, I probably still am the stereotypical doctor-in-training wife, doing all the cleaning and pretty much all the cooking (and grocery shopping, bill paying, dog walking, etc., etc.)... Which makes me want to shout things like "it's only because I work from home and way fewer hours than him [and I'm the one who likes things clean and organized anyway]!" and "I still make [slightly] more money than he does!" Take that, trophy wives of old.

  4. i love that earring holder!