Sunday, July 10, 2011

more nostalgia

Forgive me for this incredibly random post.

When I was writing my last post, I started thinking about all of the things I've ripped out of magazines. I wondered if I could remember, in my long history as a magazine consumer, the very first thing that screamed at me to be placed on my wall.

I remembered immediately.

I think this may be the exact poster I tore out of Bop magazine in the 90's.

I've started to realize that when my friends were kids, they were catching up on classics like Dirty Dancing or The Breakfast Club. Not me - I was a fan of the juvenile sports movies. Little Big League, Angels in the Outfield, Little Giants, and the best one of all: Rookie of the Year. With my long, easily fumbled last name, I felt a special connection to Henry Rowengartner. Thomas Ian Nicholas lived (in poster form) to the right of my canopy bed for a long time circa 1990-something. (FYI, said canopy bed 's bedding was covered in rows and rows of primary colored hearts. I possibly was too old for my bedding.)

Eventually, Thomas Ian Nicholas was replaced by a few of my other true loves:

Does the phrase "Can I keep you?" make anyone else giddy? I can't possibly be the only girl-child of the 90s to wear out my VHS copy of Casper by rewinding to the part where he turns into a boy.

How unoriginal, right? What girl didn't stay up all night wishing she would win a pair of JTT's autographed shoes from Bop magazine? What? That's just me?

Do tell: whose Bop (or Big Bopper, if that was your drug of choice) centerfold was on your wall?

All photos in this post are from Bosses of anyone who came of age in the 80s and 90s, I apologize for making my readers/your employees aware of this site because they could probably spend hours there. The best part is that whoever labeled the pictures was clearly very excited and went out of their way to make the visitor feel very creepy. For instance, that Thomas Ian Nicholas poster was labeled "YOUNG BOY!!!!!!"


  1. Boy Casper!!! SWOON!!! Definitely JTT and Leo D when he was on Growing Pains. :)

  2. also: aaron carter! young boy! underwear! full body pose! that website really makes me feel like a creep. lol

  3. You just made my day!! This is awesome and I agree with you! JTT was THE.HOTTIE.

    And now I want to go watch Casper again and giggle like a little school girl all over again. Wait! Now I can just Youtube the clip, right? ;)

  4. Whit - I know, right?! And what about the ones that say YOUNG BOY! NICE LIPS!

    Corinne! I am such an idiot, I completely forgot about Youtube. I was too busy wondering where my Casper tape ,in it's big puffy case, might be.

    (It's still just as good as it was when I was 10. )

  5. I have a personalized, autographed JTT 8x10. It says "To Colette, All My Love, Jonathan Taylor Thomas." JEALOUS?!?!?! ;)

    JTT and Devon Sawa were plastered all over my walls. I also loved Andrew Keegan and Jonathan Jackson. Camp Nowhere was, like, the greatest movie ever.

  6. devon sawa, JTT, zac hanson...

    these people COVERED my walls.