Sunday, July 24, 2011

Ike's dance party

Thanks to a generous benefactor (Justin Bieber), I received an invitation to Spotify. Somehow -- I don't ask questions -- Spotify lets me listen to any song. Ever. In full.

Of all the songs ever, I decided to listen to the Romeo and Juliet soundtrack and remembered one of my favorite songs from a decade ago, The You and Me Song by The Wannadies. The last time I heard this song, I was just a high school girl crossing my fingers I would get a valentine.

But I digress. The real point of this post isn't to talk about the juxtaposition of listening to a love song when you're convinced no one will ever like you versus when you're married.

The real point is to tell you that my dog loves to dance.

Well, technically, he loves to chase his tail. But he really gets into it when music is playing, and it's more fun to believe he's dancing.

(Don't worry about the last :15, he stops. And while Ike's too lazy to keep dancing, I'm too lazy to edit videos.)

Different week, same genre: 90's classics. This time when I tried to capture Ike dancing, he stopped and pouted. Luckily, the song is the perfect background for his angst.

I'm almost positive I listened to that song in middle school with the same pout and high pitched whine. No valentines for this girl.


  1. Ike's got some killer dance moves!

    Thanks for making me remember my own awkward moments! haha

  2. best R&J soundtrack songs:
    Des'ree - Kissing You
    Radio Head - Talk Show Host

    I also love that "Des'ree" has that awesomely placed apostrophe.

  3. oooo and I mispelled "radiohead"

  4. The whole soundtrack is amazing! The Cardigans! The little boy singing "when doves cry"!