Friday, September 17, 2010

four score and seven years ago...

You guys, I got the best compliment a while ago.

I've been told I look like a few random celebrities, none of which I agree with. In fact, in high school, my health teacher who I'm pretty sure was some sort of drug addict (yay public school!) told me I looked like Blair Underwood. Do you know who Blair Underwood is? If you're a Sex and the City fan you might remember him as the Knicks' doctor who dated Miranda and gave her a cookie cake that said "I love you".

Not ringing a bell? Well, he is a large black man.

Recently someone told me I look like the cutest, most well dressed celebrity around, and I will take it as my official celebrity doppleganger:

Finding Y's doppleganger has been a little bit harder. My dad thinks he looks like Roger Sterling.

Any online avatar he makes ends up looking like Justin Timberlake:

I can kind of see it... I just don't think Y has the moves.

But yesterday, Y's friend and I glimpsed Y's shadow in profile... and it was obvious:

Obviously, I added the hat - well, maybe not obviously, you don't know our lives -- but can you see it?


    Blair Underwood? WTF?! I think drug addict would only begin to cover that guy's issues.
    You are so Suri and I stand by that statement no matter what :) Great find on the pic too, love the parallel with the mojito and milk bottle especially.
    I do think Y is a great blend of Abe and Roger Sterling (who is super sexy in that dignified way).

  2. Bwhahaha. Blair Underwood! I shall call you Blair from now on.
    Also, is that the Suri quilt I made you? :)

  3. Y kinds looks like Josh Lucas (you know, the *Sweet Home Alabama* guy).

    I love the Suri comparisson.

  4. Collette: An older gentleman told me that last week, totally out of the blue.