Wednesday, September 15, 2010

don't judge a book by its texting/messaging skills

This post is Scholarly Ike approved.

Today a friend and fellow grammar nerd was telling me about a guy she met. Of all of his great qualities, she said the one that made him most dateable was that he used a semi-colon. Correctly. In a text.

I told her that he was definitely a keeper, but that you probably should judge a book by its texting/messaging. Y, for instance, is one of the smartest people I know, but I would not be surprised if I got a message from him one night after class that said hye just got dun studying about how to b a docter!

Not 5 minutes later, Y g-chatted me.

i ate a bunch of oragnes. and now a friut fly wont leave my beard alone.


  1. LOL! The thing that attracted me to my husband after our first date was his extensive vocabulary. I think your friend found a keeper! And I love that photo.

  2. Oh my this made me laugh! I am a huge grammar freak, but I cannot stand texting... So on the odd occasion that I DO text, I may leave out an apostrophe or two... or misspell something. (Although I blame the "word" function on my phone for that!)

  3. I should probably add that my texting skills are most likely worse than Y's... I blame it on my fat thumbs, and after attempting to spell everything correctly, I don't have the patience to use punctuation at all!

  4. oh my gosh, I am dying at this!
    I am super impressed about the correct use of a semi-colon! In a text, no less. That's some serious skillz.
    My H could build anything, figure out anything, survive in the wild etc...but spelling is not his forte either! haha