Thursday, June 24, 2010

In our house...

...this is what happens when you finish a big test:

Brown paper packages tied up with floss...

1. You get a gift that doubles as a passive aggressive commentary on your flossing habits. Not that Y doesn't floss -- sometimes I kind of wish he didn't -- but he tosses his floss wherever he feels like when he's done. And yes, I have found it
on me before. And before you tell me how immature and ineffective my tactic is, I would like you to know that I haven't seen floss in any place it's not supposed to be since. Hmmmph.

2. You get a [really, really, ugly] cake.

This is why I should never write a food blog.


  1. I'm so glad you have a blog. You two are like my favorite ever.

    And my husband uses those flosser plastic things and leaves them wherever he is when he finishes. Makes me CRAZY. I'm going to start collecting them and then just leave a huge pile on his pillow right before he goes to bed one night.

  2. What the eff happened to that poor cake?

  3. Awww, thanks Jenna! Funny - we flew out of DFW last week, and as we were driving there the scenery must have reminded Y of our e-pics and he asked, out of nowhere, "I wonder if we're still Jenna's favorite."

    I think you should consider yourself lucky about the plastic flossers vs actual floss... at least you can SEE those - whereas I can't see that there's a piece of floss, I don't know, wrapped around my fork until I take a bite!

    Amy: excellent question. I think my baking skills are what happened to that cake :(