Monday, December 2, 2013

residents and those who love them

Sometimes I think that every other picture I have on my phone is of my husband (and dog) sleeping. But that's what happens with residents -- they sleep a lot. 

They also text you things like this:

When Y was in med school, most of my blog posts were about med school. These days, I rarely talk about residency because -- thank goodness-- Y's career doesn't consume my life anymore. I have my own job that has nothing to do with medicine, my own friends that talk about things other than our husbands, and a city full of distractions. 

But I kind of miss being a voice of sanity in an audience that sometimes could use a little...well, sanity. So many of the websites and blogs for medical spouses that I come across are doom and gloom, and life just doesn't have to be like that. 

Last January I started a second blog called Medicine: A Love Story, that had a lot of interest but became difficult to keep up with. The idea of it was features such as city guides, book reviews, FAQs, medical spouses groups' spotlights -- peppered with humorous anecdotes about medical life. (Such as this one). All of it with a good natured, you can do this and hey, is it really that terrible? vibe. 

I'm trying to think of an easier way to revive it -- weekly, bi-weekly or monthly e-mail instead of a blog? A weekly "column" on this blog? Just start posting on the other blog again and pretend it wasn't dormant for 8 months?

Any ideas from you brilliant Medical Monday people?


  1. HI, Doom and Gloom here:-) I hope you find a way to revive Medicine: A Love Story I really enjoyed it.

  2. Hopping over from medical Mondays. I think you should just go back to your old blog and explain the break and get back into it :) sometimes if you're burnt out or lacking inspiration a break is so needed to come back stronger than ever-can't wait to read updates! Most of my pics are of the hubs sleeping after a tough call night w our dog too ha!

  3. I'm not in the medical profession at all, but have stumbled upon your blog. Medicine: A Love Story sounds great - have you thought about opening it up to trusted contributors to share the load of updating regularly? Then you can get different perspectives, and you could focus on the aspects you like in particular?

  4. Vsiting from MM Blog Hop! I would just start writing again - a break is refreshing and yo can always return. Perhaps start out posting once a week and build back from there!

    Ray Doc Wife

  5. one of the reasons i always loved your stuff - less doom and gloom, more real life. as we approach our match season (holy shit), i'm trying to take my own advice i give my pregnant patients: make this your unique experience, don't let others create it for you. i'm sure we'll have some doom (and maybe a little gloom) at some point, but honestly, med school was not the horrific life-kill it was made it to be either. so here's to whatever lies ahead and moving forward hand-in-hand. and thanks for your refreshing perspective. i'd tune in to a revived medicine: a love story.