Sunday, April 14, 2013

Minnesota driving: what am I doing wrong?

My car, a 2004 Toyota, has 133,000 miles on it.

I've driven it across the country multiple times. I've been from Louisiana to Toronto and back. I've driven to the Pacific Ocean, turned around, and navigated tourists on the Las Vegas strip before driving all the way back to Louisiana.

I've suffered through notorious Houston and Atlanta rush hours. I've been on the New Jersey Turnpike and in Downtown Boston and on the 405 in California. 

I've navigated post-Katrina New Orleans, where the streets literally had no name after the hurricane destroyed street signs. 

Y helped with a lot of that driving (although I think he'll agree that I logged most of the hours), and has the added experience of successfully driving on the left side of two foot wide roads in Ireland while being barricaded by sheep.

All of that driving, and we've never had a problem.

And then we decided to take our talents to Minneapolis.

We've noticed it since our very first day in this city, when we were driving that rental Kia Soul I told you about. Suddenly, I can no longer count the number of people who have flipped me off. I've had to miss my exit because there isn't a single inch of space for me to merge. People have sarcastically applauded me and mouthed things that may or may not have included expletives.

I'm not alone here. Other Twin Cities transplants have nodded in enthusiastic agreement when I complain about my commute. 

So what's the deal? Please advise, thanks.

PS: here's how we handled those sheep. No rude hand gestures necessary. 


  1. sheep! hahah!

    You want to know what it is? repressed rage from being "Minnesota Nice" the rest of the time-- we only show our true colors when we can't be called on it in person. Therefore, a fleeting drive by with a middle finger is the best therapy for being a grinning "minnesota nice" doofus the rest of the day.

  2. hahaha...ditto, Kelly!

    However, I'm usually the one getting the bird, rather than giving it.

  3. THE SHEEP! Wow, that is pretty awesome :) You sound like an amazing driver to me... just flick those angry vikings the bird!

  4. Minnesota drivers SUCK. I think Kelly is exactly right. :)

  5. Why do you think there's that big giant advert push for the Zipper Merge? They don't teach that in driving class! No one does it. After 30+ years on this G-d forsaken tundra, this New York driver has _never_ be given the courtesy "thank you" wave when letting someone cut in front! New York drivers are infinitely more polite on the road and WE KNOW HOW TO MERGE!!!!!!!!

    Remember, tbis is a state where kids are taught how to throw pebbles off overpasses for fun.

    Well, just be thankful you don't live in Massachusetts. Have you ever attempted to drive in Boston. Make Minnesota look like a kiddie car ride.

  6. haha and have you noticed that they'll drive 60 in a 55 zone but stil drive 60 in a 65 zone?! it's like they can only drive one speed lol