Tuesday, April 16, 2013

on yesterday

Yesterday, my friend A ran into my office excitedly. "What day is it?" she asked.

It was Monday, of course, but I had a better answer. Last week, I was searching for a calendar that would tell me what "theme" each month of the year had. Breast cancer month, black history month, etc. We were creating an editorial calendar of sorts at work, and I offered to put this piece of it together.

In the process, I came across my new favorite website, Days of the Year. You know how you'll randomly hear about it being, I don't know, "national hot dog day"? This website is where you go to be in the know.

Once we discovered that every single day had a theme (we just missed National Tweed Day and National Be Nice to a Lawyer Day), A and I decided it was imperative that we recognize every. single. day. We went out for grilled cheese on National Grilled Cheese Day, and serenaded our co-worker with a sloppily harmonized goodbye on National Barbershop Quartet Day. (Yes, I am probably as obnoxious at work as I sound.)

But yesterday, as A sat expectantly in my office while I pulled up the site, I made a face. "This one is stupid," I said. "It's That Sucks Day." I read her the description.

Historically, a lot of bad things happen on That Sucks Day, not least of which is that it’s income tax pay day (this is also the day the Titanic sank and Abraham Lincoln died).

We both rolled our eyes and went about our days. 

And then, well, you know.

I was listening to a live stream of the footage for an hour and a half,breath caught in my throat, before I put the two together. That unfortunately, the "holiday" had been recognized. 

That no one will soon stop thinking about how much April 15th sucks. 


  1. SAD! My birthday is That Sucks day! HAHA! :( But really, yesterday was heartbreaking. :(

  2. I'd actually seen yesterday morning that it was both the day Lincoln died and the Titanic sunk, which I found interesting since both had begun their demise the night of the 14th. I didn't think of it after the Marathon, though, but you're right.

    That really, really, really sucks.

  3. oh God, that's awful.

    but I always wanted to find out what all "those days" were so I could plan around them! so thank you for that :)