Sunday, March 31, 2013

the sunday currently (2)

reading Tiny Beautiful Things: Advice on Love and Life from Dear Sugar. I wasn't a huge fan of Wild, Cheryl Strayed's memoir, but this... this is different. This is just raw, good writing.

writing a lot! That's what happens when you have two four day weekends in a row -- you get productive. 

listening to my "soundtracks" playlist on itunes. Most of my favorite music is from soundtracks. A few of my go-to albums -- Veronica Mars (the song in the background of this scene will forever be one of my favorites), Brokedown Palace, Godzilla (terrible movie, surprisingly good soundtrack. Puff Daddy, anyone??), Romeo and Juliet, Garden State, 500 Days of Summer, Crazy/Beautiful, Cruel Intentions. I also used to fall asleep to the Down to You soundtrack on my boombox. 

thinking about the movie Crazy/Beautiful, now that I wrote the above paragraph. I have an indelible memory of watching that movie with two best friends from high school. We were arguing over who the lead actor would most want to date. 

I pulled myself out of that race immediately. 

I think the lead actor was Hispanic, and as the debate about who he would like more escalated, my Indian friend threw out this zinger: "I should date him, I'm ETHNIC."

Not one to back down, my other friend, a pale redhead, retorted, "I'M ETHNIC. Just not in this country."

Touche. Also, Kirsten Dunst made some crazy awesome journals in that movie. 

smelling the new palm and fig reed diffuser hanging out in my living room. I'm giving up on candles for awhile, after a few too many abrupt u-turns to return home and make sure I blew out a candle. Ain't nobody got time for that.

wishing a) that Kevin Ware didn't injure himself and b)that it wasn't caught on camera. Poor kid -- if I think I'm traumatized...

(also wishing I hadn't just realized that I'm at a point where I can call NCAA basketball players "kids". Yikes.)

hoping I have a chance to blog from a coffeeshop on Tuesday, my final day off. I want to be just like Lauren.

wearing a sparkly cardigan from Loft that has a hole in the sleeve. Everything I buy from the Loft sale rack ends up ripping (and hence I end up using them as sleep clothes), but everything I buy full price from there is fine. Suspicious. I've got my eye on you, Loft.

loving what's on tap this week: The Macy's Flower Show, which is supposed to be amazing. The Twins home opener. A taco dinner with fresh beef from a friend's farm. Dinner at Travail. Drinks to celebrate a friend's engagement. And Aziz Ansari on Saturday night. 

wanting a new laptop. I might be needing one if I throw mine across the room like I'm dying to.  It takes me about an hour to write a simple blog post, edit one or two photos, and upload them to blogger -- simply because of the amount of time it takes for my computer to switch between programs. This task should take 20 minutes, tops. This is why I don't blog consistently.

feeling like an old lady. My chest muscle is still bothering me, and I tried to run for the first time in months and now my knee is throbbing. Pass me the Werthers and GET OFF MY LAWN.  

clicking medicine: a love story, my other blog geared toward medical spouses. I'm trying to get it back up and running. At the rate my computer is going, I'll have a new post by May. Also: this amazing craigslist ad and this article ranking all 27 seasons of The Real World was a guilty pleasure Saturday morning read that was totally worth it (my favorite season was Seattle!). And as always, the lovely Lauren. Share your sunday currentlies over at siddathornton. 


  1. I read that Real World ranking the other day, and it wholly reaffirmed that that show sucks now. I think I hung in there until parts of Chicago and parts of Vegas, but it really did go downhill after Hawaii. And the brain matter I have wasted/filled with info from that and Road Rules is why I'm not a lawyer.
    That Craigslis ad is fantastic. I love it. I want to get a stack of old magazines and make a collage now.

  2. I really enjoyed the Dear Sugar book. Well, mostly. There were times where I felt like the author was a little too self-centered to be giving advice, but overall I was a fan.

  3. omg, that injury was awful. I heard M gasp and the announcers freak out and then caught the first replay...and then almost lost my lunch. M insisted on using graphic adjectives to discuss it the rest of the night and I told him if he didn't stop I'd leave him. just kidding. kind of.

    and as a girl with a former spaceship laptop that took 15 minutes to transfer between programs, I feel you. that sucks.

  4. Down to You! That seriously brought back memories. I was obsessed with that soundtrack in high school. I bought it right before a family vacation to Florida and listened to it non-stop while I was there, so it will always remind me of that.

  5. I can't stop laughing at the picture you posted. Hilarious.

    1. Oh I have PLENTY more where that came from. You just know I thought I looked AWESOME in my brand new Old Navy sweater and Gap anorak.

  6. and now, i have watched 30+ mins. of veronica mars clips, and i will have to re-watch all three seasons this weekend. thanks! :)

    real world new orleans was my fave. (seattle was a close second.) i was IN LOVE with danny. he was so hot--even his soul patch! danny was my first lesson in how beautiful gay guys will always be.


    1. I need to re-watch Veronica Mars, too! Netflix, get on that.

  7. "Pass me the Werthers and GET OFF MY LAWN. "

    This is the greatest thing you have ever said.

  8. "Pass me the Werthers and GET OFF MY LAWN. "

    This is the greatest thing you have ever said.