Sunday, January 27, 2013

weekend lessons v9

01. This is apparently what I will do on a Friday night when Y is at work:

a. Have a photo shoot with the dog 
b. Follow the entire cast of Pitch Perfect on Instagram
c. Clean the house while singing along to the entire Rent soundtrack.

It's not so bad.

02. Vanilla ice cream + olive oil + fleur de sel is a surprisingly delicious combination. This lesson courtesy of Pizzeria Lola

03. There is a blog (and forthcoming book) about how to be an adult. I need this.

04. Excellent ways to pass the time when waiting for a table: play The Movie Game (at least, that's what we call it) and write haikus about the other people in the restaurant.

05. Ike loves it when I delay his walk by taking pictures of my hair.

06. Hibernating 101: cheese.

07. When it's cold and snowy, and you read on twitter that there is a soup cookoff, YOU GO TO THAT SOUP COOKOFF.


  1. TASTY!!!! *runs to get vanilla ice cream*

  2. Can you give me the Instagram list of the Pitch Perfect cast? Please?

  3. I look forward to procrastinating on my work day by looking through this Adulting blog. (Is that acting adult-like?) And that reminds me it's been much too long since I've belted out the Rent soundtrack.

    Sounds like a nice weekend, even if Y was at work on Friday night!

  4. I need to find a soup cook off -- that sounds so fun!

  5. Scrolling through my phone I see that I have so many pictures of Miley and me - just the two of us, from when Russ is gone on call.

    I'm glad I'm not the only one who does this.

    Although I sometimes take things to the next (crazy) level by adding hats or scarves to the dog.

  6. olive oil on ice cream?! i might have to try that. and that fig butter is da bomb.

  7. Uhm, thanks for bringing this adulting blog into my life. Much needed as I flounder around in this world feeling about 18 years old. lol.

  8. That ice cream is making me starving.