Monday, May 7, 2012

weekend lessons 2

01. All you need is love, a tandem bicycle, and a wedding ceremony full of people singing "all you need is love".

02. There is absolutely no point of spending any time on your hair when you're in South Louisiana. None.

03. Five wedding cakes are better than one.

04. The Carols might be camping this year, our greatest adventure to date.

05. The super moon is best seen out a moonroof while listening to nineties rap. 

My new friend Joy and I both happened to write "weekend lessons" posts last week. We're pretty sure it should be A Thing. Did you learn anything good this weekend?


  1. Holy crap! 5 wedding cakes? I'm jealous. Sounds like a wonderful weekend :)

  2. Found you from Joy's blog!

    I want to go camping this summer. I say it every year, and then never do it.

  3. That is quite possibly the cutest picture ever - I'm so impressed with her not getting her dress stuck in the wheels - pretty sure that would have happened to me within 30 seconds.