Monday, May 7, 2012

hi dee ho, neighborette

Just a little housekeeping announcement:

Here in Y's hometown, in a medical community he grew up in, we are comfortable enough to assume that nothing I say on this little blog will get him in trouble. In Minnesota however, we don't know anyone. And not that I think I'm particularly controversial, but you know how curmudgeonly those doctor types can be.  I don't want anything I say to make anyone mad. (Curmudgeonly is obviously a compliment.)

So effective immediately, Y will be taking on a Wilson-like persona on this blog, meaning he will appear occasionally to offer wisdom, but never show his face. JTT will also be moving in next door.

They'll never figure us out. 


  1. Haha, I like this! I think everyone is secretive about their blogs. I know I don't discuss it with close family, or people I work with.

    It's like living a double-life.

  2. Boyfriend won't let me use his name. He almost wouldn't let me use our cats names. I told him I can't call them Cat 1 and Cat 2. That's just confusing. I do like his bow-tie though. Well played Dr. Y, well played.

  3. BTW this isn't a Wilson shot. Wilson only shows from about the bridge of his nose and up. His chin is only ever seen in episodes 95: "No, No, Godot" and 204: "Backstage pass."