Monday, December 12, 2011

residency interviews

For the past few months, fourth year medical students have been flying around the country interviewing for residency spots. This time is affectionately known by Y and his friends as interview season, which sounds to me as if they're out in the wild hunting interviews. Which I guess they are.

Since the season is over for now (and Y has figuratively killed about 10 interviews), over the next few days I'll be sharing some of the notes from the interview trail from my perspective. Locations will be vague, as I don't want to screw anything up.

Anything specific that anyone wants to know about interviewing (out of curiosity or for future reference)?


  1. so exciting!! can't wait to hear where he gets the job!

  2. Exciting! The interviews are somewhat fun but the match list and waiting until match day = hell. :-)

  3. Did you feel like you could start a new career as a travel agent after all that? I booked 11 of those trips and got pretty good at Delta's flight schedules. Exciting time!!