Thursday, September 8, 2011

wasps, home repairs, and grown ups

Life is hard right now. Not just because of the whole residency application thing, but for reasons that transcend med school. Over and over, we ask ourselves the same question: 

Are we grown ups yet?

Sure, we pay our bills on time and get paychecks (or loan checks, as the case may be for one of us).  And we go grocery shopping and take care of a living, breathing creature. 

But our methods of dealing with home repairs has me thinking the answer to the grown ups questions is  a big, fat no.

Take our strategy for dealing with pests. 

Stepping into the shower one morning, I noticed a wasp flying around my bathroom. For some reason, this didn't bother me, but had I seen a roach running across the floor I would have cried and probably ran out of my house naked looking for help. I hate roaches. The thought of them makes me feel the need to wash my hands.

Anyway, since this was a wasp and not a roach, I reacted sanely and sprayed it with wasp spray, flushed it down the toilet, and continued my shower. End of story.

The next day I saw this on the outside of my bathroom window:

Either the wasp knew I had killed its father inside of this very window and was plotting its revenge, or wasps always made their home in the bush outside of our bathroom and one happened to find a way inside. 

By the way, did you know that wasps have faces? Look at this guy's, doesn't he just look angry? 

Anyway, I told Y about the wasp outside the window and we both shrugged and forgot about it.  Day after day, the wasp continued to sleep under a leaf on the bush.

Until one night, when Y got serious about our little situation. In the middle of the night, I woke up as he sat straight up in bed and said something along the lines of, "the wasps are coming."

I rolled over and fell back asleep, and the next morning in the bathroom noticed this:

Apparently, Y had dreamed that there was a hole in our bathroom window, and wasps were flying in and attacking us. Being that it was a dream, the wasps were bigger, badder, probably some kind of robot, and poisonous. In a semi-asleep state, Y found the duct tape and taped a piece arbitrarily on the window. And we were safe.

We have friends that I consider actual adults (they have a dining room table!), and I know if they thought there was a hole in their house they would call a handyman. What do you think -- is the official test of adulthood the end of your reliance on duct tape? Owning a solid wood dining room table? Something else?

My iPhone battery is draining at a ridiculously fast pace, I'm thinking of incepting some sort of phone battery emergency into Y's dreams so he'll help me fix it. Any ideas?


  1. haha I love the duct tape! And I think being an adult is overrated. So whenever I get on the verge of acting an adult, I make sure to do something to set me back a few notches.
    mature, yes?
    And I never realized wasps were so...ugly...yuck!

  2. that is amazing!!

    I totally don't feel like an adult. We rent, we travel, we have dance parties. We pay our bills, yes, but we also struggle -- and I just thought being a grown up meant you had it all figured out!

  3. The Princess Bride Wasp picture is killing me.

  4. i am IDENTICAL with roaches. i think that alone means i'm no grown up. they are SO NASTY i don't want to touch something that touches them (ie: i have to make a contraption taping something to another thing that's probably tied to the broom) so disposal post bug spray is a 3 hour ordeal involving a lot of jumping up and down and groaning and gagging.

    my husband asked me the other day why my nurse-self can be up to my elbows in poop/blood/placenta/pee and not be bothered in the slightest, while a roach running across the floor will send me screaming for help. eh. *shivering* don't know. so gross.

  5. Ahaha! Ok- I'm pretty sure we will always use duct tape...but having a dining room table? That is an adult my friend. Even more grown-up? Eating at their dining room table.

    Right now we're measuring adulthood by the number of stupid phone calls we have to make to landlords and insurance companies and such.

  6. I'm just glad this post wasn't something about people who believe white people are superior...

  7. This reminds me of a website I think you would like: Apparently her husband talks in his sleep (and says hilarious things) and she records it and puts it on a blog. That's kind of like duct tape.

  8. Am I the actual adult? I do have a dining room table....... Or perhaps I'm just egocentric? I do call a lot of handymen.......