Saturday, March 26, 2011

his & hers 1: reading material

Sometimes the contrast between Y and myself makes itself obvious in the most interesting ways. Take, for example, our bedtime reading material.
An excerpt from my reading material: "Perhaps there is some sort of homing instinct in books that brings them to their perfect readers." & "Ardisia maxi dress: $228".

An excerpt from Y's reading material: "boggy waterlogged sponge consistency of prostate".


  1. Your husband's reading material... are you sure that's in English?? ;) Also, holy expensive, UO! I sure do miss that store though.

  2. Bahaha love this!

  3. LOVED the Guernsey literary potato peel pie society! so good.

  4. V - I know, right?! And don't worry, UO is still reasonable - it's hard to see but there's an Anthro catalog on top of the UO one, that's where the maxidress is from.

    K - Although that quote I posted is a new favorite, I didn't love it as much as i thought i would! I could see the romance coming from a mile away, and even though that normally wouldn't stop me from getting excited when it actually happened (like in your typical chick flick), I just wasn't feeling it at the end of this book.