Tuesday, January 25, 2011

warning: gag-worthy post

I hear a lot of unsolicited disgusting tidbits: I've listened to Y talk about draining abscesses. I've heard accounts of getting hit in the face with placenta, I've heard about every color and texture of discharge you can imagine. I've accidentally touched dried blood spatters on Y's white coat. Hell, I have held a cadaver's testicle. I thought I was unbreakable(for a layperson).

But something has finally grossed me out to the point of gagging: a teratoma. It's, as far as my unscientific brain can understand, a tumor that contains "mature elements" such as teeth or hair. Or, in extremely rare cases, LIMBS.

Scholarly Ike says: I would probably eat most of the things you've mentioned thus far.

A tumor full of hair and teeth? I'm gagging as I write this. Because of my extensive knowledge of classical Greek, I know that the word teratoma means roughly "monstrous tumor". That sounds about right.

I'm interested to know: If you have a spouse, parent, sibling, best friend in the medical field - what story/condition/bodily fluid sent you over the edge?

P.S. Since I know at least one of you that reads this is a knitter... don't even think about this: http://www.theanticraft.com/archive/samhain06/teratoma.htm


  1. I have an extremely weak stomach, so anything normally puts me over the edge. With that being said the term "teratoma" has made its way into our home on several occasions, and every time I swear I have nightmares of harry/teethed running tumors chasing me. gross.

  2. OMG, What a horrifying image!

  3. I know what I am making you for your birthday now!

  4. I just googled "nasty teratomas" and found this...
    DO NOT open if sqeamish! DO NOT!


  5. Yes, the teratomas freak me out. Probably more than anything else my husband has mentioned from his training.

    Although... well. He did describe a patient who had some sort of blockage (in his colon? intestines?) and whose, um, waste backed up so much that he vomited it up.

    I am so very sorry for posting this on your lovely blog. It grosses me out SO BAD.